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Anyone else have "Atypical Depression"?


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I seem to have all the symptoms associated with this type of depression below except for the "leaden paralysis" feeling.

  • Sleeping too much (hypersomnia)
  • Increased appetite or weight gain
  • Having a more intense reaction or increased sensitivity to rejection, resulting in problems with social and work relationships
  • Having a feeling of being weighed down, paralyzed, or "leaden"

If anyone else has this, what sorts of medications, therapies, etc, do you recommend to combat it?

I'll assume that the medications and therapies for "regular" depression wouldn't work on "Atypical Depression", right?

Thank you!!!
Same therapies and medications I believe can work. Speak to your doctor to find out which you should personally try.

Atypical is actually not uncommon, despite the name. I believe those symptoms may all be part of "typical" major depression.


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Atypical depression is basically a subtype of depression with certain characteristics which you have already mentioned.

Treatment is practically the same as for "regular depression." The only difference being is that the classes of antidepressants used are MAOIs and SSRIs as these seem to be more effective treatments rather than the older type of antidepressants (TCAs).

However, due to the risk of adverse drug and food interactions with MAOIs, drugs from this class are usually only used in reserve and usually in specialist settings, so it's likely you'll be prescibed an SSRI.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any further information.

Take care


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I've never had any of the "typical" symptoms, for sure. I don't find it to be real "atypical" at all to find the symptoms on the list associated with feeling like crap. Even in those around me...


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I'll assume that the medications and therapies for "regular" depression wouldn't work on "Atypical Depression", right?
I think the only difference is that your Dr would be more likely to prescribe Wellbutrin (buproprion) as an antidepressant as it tends to be more stimulating and decreases the chances of weight gain and drowsiness that can accompany the use of SSRIs for many. If a SSRI ( usually the gold standard of choice for treatment of depression) is prescribed and is effective for your depression your Dr may choose to augment it with a stimulant if you find it is causing you a great amount of additional weight gain and sleepiness. Tricyclic antidepressants are usually a last resort after having tried several SSRIs. As for MAOIs, they are almost never used these days simply because the risks usually outweigh the possible benefits.


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Does anyone have natural remedies or techniques to combat Atypical Depression?
What about CBT? Is it pretty good? I've been told the book "Feeling Good" by Dr. David Burns is an excellent source for this.


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@may71 would be the expert on that, regarding the benefits of natural remedies, take a look at his signature. Also, I have read David Burns book and it is a very good resource, not one that will take the place of CBT in person with a therapist per say but a very insightful read.

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