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Awkward Dreams/Nightmares

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Anyone ever had like really weird bizarre nightmares and woke up thinking it actually happened? I have had some really strange ones in times gone past but this one I just had I really can't find the words to describe, it is partly funny I find it partly humorous but same time really scary.

I don't think I've really mentioned it but I'm a keen WRC gamer and I sometimes watch WRC (WRC stands for World Rally Championship) and I was watching a YouTube Streamer playing WRC Generations via his Xbox, and I nodded off to sleep shortly afterwards.

During my sleep/dream/nightmare I was doing WRC on Twitch (Gaming streaming platform) and I won the competition to become a Rally driver, and in my first rally in Monte Carlo (Opening Rally in top tier WRC) and I crashed into a wall and got my leg later got amputated, I woke up with severe cramp and for first few seconds did not realise I had my legs on me and I fell to the ground, I woke up thinking the thing that went on during my sleep was real but in reality it was a bad dream.

As I'm typing this I'm partly laughing out of relief but on other and I'm sweating with fear and just breathing huge sigh of belief,


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When I quit drinking and speed, I would have dreams where I used and woke up confused if I was high or not. It was really weird and scary because it felt soooooo real.


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I remember when I was in my mid 20's I woke up from a dream that i was late for school. For about 10 mins I lay confused in my room as i genuinely thought i had to get up and go to school.

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