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Bullying in the work place


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Unfortunately workplace bullying is very real and hard to solve. I know someone in HR and they told me that often, the procedure to handle any kind of grievance is to politely suggest to the employee that the latter needs to go because they do not fit in with the organisation's culture - rendering them particularly susceptible to bullying. It sounds just like school, but at least as adults we can choose to stay or to leave.

If you cannot change your job, perhaps you can find little things to look forward to? Such as Lunch Time - maybe find something you enjoy during lunch and look forward to it.

Or plan your annual leave early so you can do a countdown to that day. Watching the number of days go down could make work feel less dreadful.

You could find a peer too, if that is possible. Having a buddy who feels the same as you could help.

All the best!
Great Advice and people should follow this simple rule as this may be a crutch for others to help them that are in this position to get through the working days!


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Where I worked, the person would be heard, the matter investigated, and then the person brought in to discuss it. If the person had a good work ethic and was otherwise a low maintenance and productive person, efforts to address and resolve would be implemented. If, however, the bullied person was not a good producer, they would be told that after looking into the matter, that they are concerned with their "attitude toward the position" as they seem to be the common denominator in the issue and "assure" said individual to feel free to stop by anytime.
If that person were to try to discuss is a second, or a third time, their whole productivity would be compared to everyone else's. No matter how good the employee, they would be lackluster in some way: production, attendance, punctuality, attitude toward the position, negativity, emotional....something that could pin the issue back on the person, even if the manager was at fault.
It's easier to replace an employee than it is to replace a jerk of a manager who gets the job done.
To navigate in this, you need to address the offender(s) in a direct, non-confrontational manner. You don't need to be their friend.
Focus on the work, if at all possible.
We are all adults when we start work right??

So why do fully grown adults find it acceptable to bully others in the work place?? what is bullying in the work place, the list can go on and on forever!!

I was a victim of bullying in the work place, i was bullied daily by people that was older than me! people that should of known better! it was a small office with just four of us and even my boss sat back and allowed it to happen so what does that say about them! I stood up for myself on one occasion and because of that I was taken outside by my boss and given a strict talking too and a telling off for being rude and abrupt! right so its okay for people to make fun of me and abuse me daily because I am quiet and i just keep my head down but as soon as i speak out i get slaughtered for it!

So what do you do, do you sit back and put up with it through fear of saying something and it becoming worse or do you speak up and stand your ground then get aqused of being aggressive and having a temper??

Bullying is NOT acceptable in any place, work, school at home!!! Never ever become a bully to fit in!
jayjay... sorry to hear about this.. It is really strange when adults do such things isn't it? I'm wondering.. if they are 'bullies' like you said, as adults, how much more so might they have been before becoming one.. Of course I'm assuming that your definition of being bullied would be the standard norm of what many others might consider bullying.. So before I assume that your co workers, who were adults, were bullies or even address them as such, I'm agreeing with you, an adult, when you say that they were adults, should have been able to grow out of their bullying if they were living as one prior, especially having passed the age to legally drink and seeing that they have been hired to do a certain task at work. Most have employment not to go into and have a fiesta of sorts but to go and earn the paycheck so they can have their fiestas on their off days and so as to be able to provide for the rent and 'others' to help them maintain a joyful life.. So yes.. for an adult to have bullying in their place of employment knowing that their out of work well being depends on their job performance and such is a bit strange and 'immature' to their own upkeep of well being and opportunities in their out of work life.


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So why do fully grown adults find it acceptable to bully others in the work place??
Could be a dead end job with a high turnover rate. The person could be getting close to working 20 weeks, and they bully the person to quite, or to act out so they can firer the person with cause. Than they do not worry about paying out unemployment.

The person could be a police officer, and reported on a fellow police officer. His fellow police officers start to bully to get the person back in line of not reporting each other. There are a number of reasons why a person is being bulled at work. When the coworkers are doing it to a fellow worker, it is because the social group feels the person has broken a taboo.


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You'd think adults would be above such behavior but it can and does still occur.

I find it to be worse than school bullying because when you're an adult, if you complain to management about it, everyone expects you to stop being so sensitive and rise above it, grow a thicker skin etc. So it's harder to address and deal with.

But you're right, it's never acceptable.

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