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Celexa reviews

I started taking Celexa 2 days ago. Day 1 was fine, I didn’t notice any changes. Day 2 was a different story. I had so much nervous energy/anxiety. I was literally rubbing my hands together and tapping on my desk, the steering wheel, pretty much just bouncing around most of the day. I went to gym to burn off some of the energy and it helped a bit. I still feel like I could get up and run 23 miles no problem right now and I’m not a runner. There were a few moments where my mind went to a dark place today but for the most part, I spent the day trying to focus my mind on just doing my job.

Anyway, I’ve read online there are all sorts of side effects and most of the side effects go always after a week or two. I wanted to post on SF to see if anyone else has experience with Celexa.

This is my first experience with anti-depressants so I’m not really sure what are “normal” side effects.
I don't have any experience with Celexa, but you might want to talk to your pharmacist. These sound like they might be common side effects. You might also be on too high a dose, idk.


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Hi @Deetabs

At the start of treatment, sleeplessness and intense excitation can occur. These can begin to reduce in intensity as your body adjusts to Celexa. However, I was wondering if you were experiencing any other symptoms such as fever. muscle cramps, hallucinations/cofusion or a rapide heart beat and also whether you are currently taking any other medications, prescribed or bought over the counter (including herbal preps) as there could be a possible drug interaction occuring here, and so either a dose adjustment or alternative may be prescribed.

An increase in the levels of anxiety is also to occur at commencement of treatment which should usually reduce over a period of around 2 weeks. Normally, because of this, its usually standard practice for frequent monitoring on a weekly basis to be carried out on patients starting treatment.

It would definitely be wise to mention what you are currently experiencing to your doctor with regards to the restlessness/nervous energy so as to rule out the side effect akathisia.

I do hope that these effects will begin to settle down for you and that you will find Celexa to be beneficial for you.

Take care.


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I took Celexa for about 6 months a few years ago. Had side effects very similar to what you’re describing. It mostly, but not quite entirely, went away after a few weeks.


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Hi @Deetabs , how are you feelng now after a few more days? I was on Celexa and klonopin combo and felt improvement after a month. The only thing is, I could not go above 15 mgs cause that dose would make me manic.
Hi all,
Thanks for the words of support. I’m feeling much better after a week. My nervous energy has definitely settled. After talking to my doctor I’m going to stick to 10mg for a few weeks and then try 20mg. We’ll see...

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