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Different New Year Feelings


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I just realized Its already 2019. This morning I made mistakes thrice bcs I wrote 2018 on today's log. I mean I know its already 2019, but it feels like stuck and I dont feel exicited at all. I did go out at 31 Dec with friends, laugh and talking all day and cheering up my bestie but spent the night infront of games . Currently my personal life didnt have anything wrong significantly like 2 years ago, I cope with it slowly although I feel the scar and that haunting dark mind didnt go away it keep lurking hiding and whispering when Im in a trouble.

And I dont have any resolution at all. Well maybe there's one. Life peacefully?

My head is pretty clear but this feeling of hollow.......empty. Thts kinda hard to explain. Sorry I just want to blurting whatever I had in my thought.


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Hi, I hope talking here has help you to let it all out, you are never alone here, you are among friends, peers, supporters here.

*hug I hope you manage to feel better about the New Year soon, :)

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