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Do mothers with postpartum depression love their baby?


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As the title says, I would like to know this and especially I would love to hear the answers from mothers who suffered from depression after giving birth

This is something that slightly triggers me because my mother had a strong depression when she gave birth to me, and she hasn't recovered yet, not completely. Until not so long ago (maybe when I was in my mid teenage years?) she started showing some attitudes of love towards me, but I can't feel anything but that it is too late, she has hurt me a lot. When I was a kid, ever since I was born, she never expressed any kind of love. She took me to school, she gave me food, she took me to the doctor, but always in a cold way. She was cold, bitter, silent, angry, didn't talk much to me, didn't listen to me, didn't show me how to treat others, didn't show me much

I want to emphatize with her, but, from my perspecive, all this has hurt me so much in my developement, in how I see the world, in how I treat others, in how I am struggling, and I blame her for all that happened and is happening to me. Thanks to how she treated me I don't know how to treat others and I have many things in my head, each day it's harder

Anyway, I don't want to start ranting about her, sometimes when I talk about this I start trying to let it all out and hate her and wish I had another mother that showed some kind of affection. Even if she loved me, and that was the reason she took care of me, she didn't really show any kind of love. Everything was so cold. I don't completely hate her though. The resentment I have is strong, but what I feel for her isn't all hate. In fact, she is one the reasons I haven't died yet, she'd be devastated

I want to know if mothers with postpartum depression, even if they can't show explicit love, do they love their children? How do they feel towards their kids, what do they think, how do they feel when they see their kids growing up, what do they think when they see their kids starting to struggle...
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