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Dream Log

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I have a habit of writing down my dreams if they are particularly unique or somehow leave an effect on me for the rest of the day. I'm quite interested in the theories of meanings behind dreams and how your sub-conscious can tell you more about yourself than you might realise.

So, I had a pretty disturbing dream last night, which woke me up and left me a little too anxious to go back to sleep for a while. I'd just like to write it down really, so I don't forget it and can go back to it to think about possible meanings. Obviously, there's a chance it might not even relate to anything significant, but still.

I was with my two older brothers, trying to escape some kind of evil presence. I think it may have been a murderer. Back story: I don't get along very well with my eldest brother, but my other brother and I have a very close bond, almost as if we are twins. So it is a little bizarre that in this dream, I am with BOTH brothers, working as a team.

The brother I do get along with ended up getting severely injured, so I had to carry him on my back as we trekked through a farmland, which is a real place, outside our family home. I remember saying my brother's name repeatedly, trying to stop him from drifting out of consciousness, as he was going limp while I carried him.

"Stay positive, stay positive, stay positive!" I kept repeating with each step I took, until I saw a trail of blood leading to a dead body, out there in the field. My words were cut short as I saw it, and instead I screamed louder than I had ever done before. It was what shook me awake, and I was convinced that maybe I even screamed in my sleep, but no one in the house heard anything from me.

I'm not entirely sure what brought on this dream, but needless to say, it did give me a feeling of dread as I woke up. It still makes me feel a little uneasy as I think about it, but hey, it was just a dream. I'm fine now! :) I'll probably come back here to write down more dreams as they happen. I'd also love to hear about some that you guys have had, and your perception of them. I just find it very fascinating.


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That certainly is a disturbing dream, glad you are feeling a bit better now. Most of my dreams are about old school friends, probably because I feel left ''behind''. I am still growing up at 27 and they moved on without me, I never got to transition from teenager to adult as I spent all my time housebound. Other than that I am often dreaming about aeroplanes because I want to travel but have no one to travel with and strangely enough dream of showers/baths because I find them very relaxing, so nothing too worrying about my dreams. This is a subject I find interesting too.


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I'm sorry you had such a scary dream. Ugh. Dreams can really affect my mood as well. But often dreams are just dreams...

I have some dreams from my childhood I can never forget. I think I was 6 years old or something when I had the same dream over and over... of me killing myself.

I often try to deduce my dreams so to speak, especially if they have been scary and had that 'dread' feeling that just won't go away. There's often a reason why we dream the way we do, I find.
Maybe your subconscious was just trying to tell you that you really care about your brother, and if anything would happen to him you'd be there. That's a nice thought in a way, isn't it?


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I had another memorable dream last night, though it may sound quite boring when I talk about it, haha!

I was in a pure white, pristine train. All the commuters were going about their business but I was desperately trying to get out, clawing at the doors which were sealed shut, despite the train being stopped at a station. I was apparently trying to meet my girlfriend who was nearby, and I was scared I was going to miss my stop. No one seemed to be paying attention to me at all, even when I eventually broke down in tears.

NO idea what that could possibly mean, but it was a little upsetting. It seems my subconscious likes to make me sad or fearful.
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