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Fashion, makeup, shopping hauls and other Shallow Stuff <3

That blouse is absolutely fabulous!! Omg, I want it :D It's really beautiful for casual or even dining out or a day at the beach. I think it would look well on all sizes too, I think you have a great fashion sense.

I will look at some of my favourite make up later and throw up some pics of what's hot and what's not ;) Ha, I mean the best ones of course :) Also pre-pandemic I did not wear make up much but have recently started to buy some lovely great eye shadow colours and mascara. Mascara is my God :D as vain as that sounds, 'cos I'm fair and like long lashes.

There is one thing I'm stuck at and that is liquid foundation, I have purchased a few ones but they just don't match my colour (very hard to purchase online) and seem sometimes too sticky or too liquid-y. If anyone has foundation or concealer suggestions, please throw them my way.
Thanks re: my fashion sense. It's not how I think of myself but I've definitely become more fashion conscious over the years.

As for liquid foundation I definitely have a recommendation: My favorite is by It Cosmetics, "Your Skin But Better" CC cream. It has quite a bit of coverage, SPF of 50, and a semi-matte finish. It often makes top 10 lists, especially for older women. It is pricey but the tube is quite large and you only need a little. I set it with an inexpensive powder (Covergirl loose powder). Personally, I do buy expensive foundation and primer since those are most important in my book. It's like having a really good bra - everything you put over it looks better. The primer I use is Smashbox primerizer with some photo finish in my t-zone.

Unfortunately I'm between two shades in the YSBB so I have to buy both and mix them, which is too much trouble most of the time. And I like a matte finish so the YSBB requires powder touch-ups in my t-zone. These days I usually use mineral foundation from Pure Anada. They offer powder foundation, liquid foundation and tinted moisturizer. I use the powder or liquid which have decent coverage and matte finish.

With foundations it also depends on what kind of skin you have, the coverage you want and the finish you prefer. If you have drier skin or like a "luminous" (but not shiny/dewy) finish the YSSB is the way to go, or a tinted moisturizer. Oh and Sephora does carry YSSB here and offers free samples.
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Found out that my favorite mineral makeup company (which is Canadian) also ships to the US: Great foundations, samples, and an amazing mascara for sensitive eyes--I use the brown which is a very deep brown, just a little softer than black. They carry a lot of other stuff from moisturizer to lip balm to bubble bath.

In the US I like Alima Pure--just google 'em

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with either company


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@Lady Wolfshead that blouse is really lovely! I like the idea of this thread (though my bank balance my not!).

I think I’ve tried every makeup brand! I have crazy white skin so it is hard to find a pale enough foundation and as I’m now older and have lines I need foundation that doesn’t settle into them. I bought some Trinny London which was horrifyingly expensive but I don’t wear makeup often and it does do well for the look I prefer which is very minimal.

I will have to check out SHEIN!


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I used to work for Karen Millen many years ago as their window designer. I'd travel around all their stores in the UK (there were only around 25 then) doing their window and in-store displays. It was great, we'd be allowed to choose four complete outfits every season for free and anything else we got for cost :)
OMG, I'm SO jealous! I absolutely love Karen Millen! I used to think they were too good for me until I had a day with a stylist and I got the most gorgeous pieces in there. Since then I was just obsessed but after they went online I've kinda got over them. I'm trying to lose half a stone to get into the things I have and love but they are too tight or my bum is too big to want to show - I have a load of lovely cardigans from KM but they are so fitted. I've got a cream leather biker jacket I need to sell, and a couple of occassion dresses I haven't worn. Just makes me feel guilty seeing them in my wardrobe when someone else might love them.


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I haven't really worn make-up for four years (unless it was a very special occasion) but since going back to work I've had to start wearing it again. It's funny I was only looking at new make-up yesterday as mine is all old and a bit manky now.

I used to buy Bare Minerals or Bobbi Brown but they no longer do my favourite colours so I need to look for different ones. I'm pretty simple in my make-up tastes - two eyeshadows (a light shimmery one and a dark for around the sockets), a liquid black eyeliner (I always use the Stila pen which luckily hasn't been discontinued!), black mascara (waterproof as my eyes water in the summer with hayfever) and blusher. And a red lipstick when no mask wearing is required.

I need new eyeshadows, blusher and mascara. Brand suggestions please?
By the sounds of it, you have a completely different look to me but for foundation I used to use YSL Touch Eclat or Max Factor and both of them are discontinued or re formulated. I just went to Boots and got some of their foundation and I haven't worn it yet but the colour is a perfect match, in fact I think it might be better than my favourites. A lady there put some in a cup for me to try. I like Nars and Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows
Speaking of make-up, this man has made me feel so much better about how to do make up

Yes, Wayne Goss is amazing and I've had lots of good tips from his videos. I also love that he exposes shady practices in the beauty industry, such as video filters used to improve the look of crappy foundations. His brushes are supposedly great if you can afford them. Personally I got a set of $19 sale brushes from Coastal Scents after my brushes were destroyed in a fire (note: everyone was okay, just property damage). The cheap brushes are fine and just a little less plush than my high end ones were, but I don't recommend Coastal Scents makeup because it made my skin react. I also have some inexpensive ELF brushes which are fantastic.

All of my makeup except primer/foundation now comes from the drugstore. Drugstore foundation is probably fine too but I found it hard to get a match (and of course no way to get a sample unlike Sephora or department stores-- putting some on your wrist from a gross tester bottle is just not the same IMO).

I forgot to mention Milani's eye shadow primer which is inexpensive and makes such a difference to the wear of your eye shadow. High end versions I used to use are Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion. Milani works just as well. Love Milani makeup.


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Mascara is a real headache for me! When I find one I like they either discontinue or change it, so am now on the hunt for a decent one. I will definitely try this one, so thank you!
I like Guerlain mascara. Tried all the highstreet brands and YSL but nothing compares. It's so hard to find though. Probably find it OK in the UK but I'll have to order from French or German Amazon to get it now. It's not waterproff but it feels like it has as much staying power. Some brands you feel if it rains it's all going to run.


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Okay so thought I would start this thread for anyone with an interest in this stuff. I'm not really a fashionista but I did just get a haul of mostly casual t-shirts from Shien, average cost $12 Canadian, for myself and husband. For some reason I love seeing other people's shopping hauls (probably because I'm on a budget.) So maybe some of you will enjoy seeing photos of a few things I bought today. I did use a 15% discount code for my Shein purchase - these codes can be found on most Youtube videos of Shein hauls- just look in the notes. I actually find Shein to be decent quality although make sure you keep all the packaging in case you want to return anything, and look up the process online. And in general you need to order a size up from your regular size, but check the reviews.

Okay, so here's the stuff. Most is casual for wearing around the house or weekends. Prettiest piece (a blouse) is first:

View attachment 44214 View attachment 44215 View attachment 44216 View attachment 44217 View attachment 44218
I love the teeshirt dress and the tie dye tee!


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I got some great deals recently with online shopping for Karen Millen clothes - they are out of season and second-hand but I know they are going to fit me, which they did. I won't be shopping for a while now as it's a 'lil bit pricey but worth it as I wont have to shop for more stuff... unless I find something that catches my eye ;)
Same here. Their sizing is fairly consistent and they stay looking good. Same for me re buying as well. Not earning any money until lockdown is lifted :(


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I will!! Love this thread, I can talk makeup all day long! *hysterical
Me too hun, think I'll be hanging out in this thread for a while. I adore different make up styles and new products they bring out, limited editions, new colours...like when the rosegold colour came on the market, everyone was crazy for it hehe! The little joys, enjoy :)


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Anyone got any favourite serums? I haven't used any for years but we have Boots here and I've just got their own brand retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid and Bakuchiol to try. I'm think the retinol is probably very low percentage so it's a starter for me. Maybe I should leave it until autumn when I won't be in the sun. The Bakuchiol sounds interesting. I feel like I've aged a lot in the last 3 or 4 years so I need to try something to sort my skin out.
Re: Mascara. I read an article that said this is one thing to buy from the drugstore because you really should replace it every 3 months for hygiene. I've been guilty of not doing that as I don't use it much. With mascara each person's favourite is so individual because there is natural looking, lengthening, volumizing, waterproof. Etc, etc. The variety can be confusing. Obviously if money is no problem for you, then high end is usually better, but I've tried many drugstore mascaras and find them to work fine-- I always use a little comb or spoolie brush to separate my eyelashes and make sure no clumps. Even super-cheap brands like Wet 'n Wild, ELF and Essence have some good mascaras - lots of reviews online.


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Me too hun, think I'll be hanging out in this thread for a while. I adore different make up styles and new products they bring out, limited editions, new colours...like when the rosegold colour came on the market, everyone was crazy for it hehe! The little joys, enjoy :)
I got my face made up years ago so I kind of stick with those sort of colours - plum or purple eyeshadows look best on me and a fairly soft natural blush and natural lip. I try other looks but it just ages me or looks really hard. I love trying different brands though. Guerlain has some gorgeous limited edition stuff but you have to be so quick!!

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