Have I gone mad??

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This is quite difficult for me to write about, and im probably overreacting, like when you google your cold symptoms and think you're dying of some terrible disease. But basically im really scared i might develop schizophrenia. "develope" is a weird word, but im 20 and i know that it takes a while for symptoms to start showing, but some of the first i think are depression and anxiety,, suicidal thoughts, (all of which i struggle with) paranoia, and hearing/seeing things.

A few days ago, i was in a quiet waiting room, and there were a few other people in the room all sitting down, on their phones and no one was talking. then suddenly i heard all these voices really really clearly sounding like they were coming from my left in the room. I cant rememeber exactly what they said but it was a group of maybe 3 different voices all whispering at once, saying things like "shhhh gotta be quiet in here" and stuff. i looked around and at first i thought maybe it was coming from someones phone but it didnt sound like it was coming from anyone in particular and nobody else reacted. it only lasted for a few seconds so it was hard to figure out where it came from or what happened but it really scared me. Ive been too scared to tell anyone in case they think ive gone mad. nothing else like that has happened since but im just kinda freaking out :confused: does anyone know if this sounds like schizophrenia? or am i just overeacting? i dont think i could have imagined it cos it seemed so real! i really hope i am overeacting, sorry if im wastign your time im just anxious by nature :( xxx


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Hi, @Arwen. I'm sorry you're worried. Here is my "sense of things"...it doesn't make much difference if you are reacting or "over" reacting - you're worried either way. Perhaps the step you find hardest to take is the one that would resolve your worry the soonest - talk to your doctor about this. A medical doctor is the only person who can properly assess you, treat and/or reassure you. Self-diagnosis is not a good idea, especially, if we are not doctors...we don't have the knowledge and training.

Worrying tends to magnify our fears rather than settle them. And worrying doesn't help or resolve things. Worrying can be time spent on imagining the worst when we don't yet have solid info to go on.

In your shoes, I'd see a doctor. That's me. You will need to figure out what would help you the most. I really hope you feel better soon. Keep us posted if you want. *hug*


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Hi @Arwen pseudo hallucinations could be a side effect of medications? Have you had your medicine reviewed recently? Drug interactions could also be a factor. You really do need to talk to a professional about this too though, they will know for sure or have a fair idea. Sorry you are so scared, that must be so hard, bless x
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