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How to be happy with clincical depression?


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Any advice or ideas are welcome!
I'm 27yo non-binary. Here's my situation - sorry in advance it's long but hopefully it might be useful info for advice lol (it also kinda helps to get it all off my chest!)

• I'm completely unable to take any medication of any kind and even certain vitamins or alcohol (in fact medication is what caused my depression in the first place - I'm extremely intolerant and still suffer from effects years later).
• I have autism, adhd and executive dysfunction and find it hard enough to do anything, even if it's something I actually like.
• I have chronic pain, akathisia and dyskinesia which makes it difficult to exercise properly but I do my best to go for walks almost every day - but this still hasn't made any improvements to my mental health.
• I only have 1 irl friend who is usually busy, my family is also very busy.
• I struggle to talk to people online (even people I know) due to some trauma I had as a teen. So making online friends might not be possible.
• I'm unable to drive and rely on my mum who doesn't like driving past afternoon, so most events, clubs etc are out the question. She also doesn't drive anywhere outside of our small town.
• I can't take any other form of transport (due to pain with vibrations etc) so I'm not able to go anywhere beyond my small town.
• I'm unable to work due to my health. I think my anxiety and health would also prevent me from volunteering, even if it was online.
• The only mental health service here kind of gave up on me (been with them for years).
• I barely have enough money to survive on so paying for transport etc to anywhere won't be possible.

The things that make me happy:
- Buying and collecting merch of things I like - but I have no money and don't want to become addicted anyway.
- Hanging out with a group of friends irl but they're all long distance except for that 1 I mentioned. And I have no idea how to make friends at my age especially since I can't go far pass afternoon.
- School/college environment. When I was healthy I loved college, I loved hanging out with friends and all having the goals we could discuss, it gave me a huge sense of purpose. But there's no daytime classes here except very expensive ones that I can't get finance for.
- New things and new places, I absolutely love being somewhere different but it's just not possible for me. :(

So.. am I hopeless?? Having depression is hard enough but I feel like my life has made it impossible to lighten it in any way. Thanks to anyone who has read this and for any advice!


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I'm sorry you're suffering so much. It's understandable to feel down when you can't get out and do things you would like to. Maybe you can start some kind of hobby that you can do inside, like putting jigsaw puzzles together. Remember SF is here for you.

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