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How to live a productive life with schizophrenia without medication!!


You are valuable :-)
I will be going on a vacation on 27th and will return home on 30th as I said in a previous post. I am busy with work now and I have been given a new job offer in the Marketing field in a healthcare-related company. I will get to learn more in the new company and the pay will be a little more than my present company's pay. My joining date in the company is from the 1st week of October and I am joining this healthcare company:D.I just take care of my health and also my father's health, chat with friends on Sundays.... and so on...The rest of the days I work insane and I have fun while sweating during work!!:)I am now going to a birthday party... so I will write back later:)


You are valuable :-)
I work hard enough that I literally pooped in my pants during work:rolleyes: However, I thank God for everything because firstly, at least I have a good job, secondly, I am one of the most respected person in my company due to my work and thirdly, I can automatically sleep soundly at night....:D I am a positive person and I know that....:)


You are valuable :-)

What was accomplished today:

1. Said 'no' to work today... so that family and home could be taken care of
2. Trash was taken out at 6:30 am
3. Chatted and visited with extended family at around 6:40 am who live nearby
4. Chatted with a close friend over phone at around 7:00 am
5. Brushed teeth after that
6. Read a short story after the above work - titled "Gratitude"
7. 8:00 - 9:00 am discussing business ideas with father and extended family at my residence
8. Ate breakfast after that - oatmeal, banana, cookies...
9. Continued reading that story after that/ cleaned the messy bed
10. 10:00 am - Took a shower early .. as it was hot and humid today
11. 10:30 am - Cleaned the lots of dishes.. - took me around 30-40 minutes to do so...
12. 11: 15 am - prepared the vegetables for cooking food for lunch for father and myself
13. Then chatted with significant other over the phone... for 30 minutes
14. 12:30: pm - started cooking - vegetables, fish, rice
15. around 1:35 cooking was over (father also helped)...
16. we ate lunch at 2 o clock
17. cleaned dishes after having lunch then went to sleep till 4 o clock
18. joked with father about work and life in general and helped him to take care of himself(he is 58.. he is getting old)
19. wrote a short story on paper which contains a moral till 6 : 15 pm (will post the story later here)
20. after that I surfed the net and it is 7 20 pm already...

You are awesome and wonderful... I need you to be healthy and happy:)


You are valuable :-)
Hi justrob,

We all as humans should keep away 'chaos' from our lives and be more organized so that we all can lead a healthy, happy and successful life. You all are good people... A lot of things can be learned from one another.. like keeping away chaos, shunning labels, having faith in God etc.. to live peacefully and happily.. You are awesome... Thanks for that:)


You are valuable :-)

Well, people with this condition can work and have a social life even without medication and I am the living proof of it. I love my work. It is challenging but it makes me more humble at the end of the day. Further, a practical blessing of working is that one can automatically sleep well at night. Which is awesome!!:D

We can hold on to friendships and relationships if we desire to. The key to doing so is being good and communicating what goes on in your mind. :)

We all should focus on quality sleep, balanced diet, walking/ exercising, working/ having hobbies and positive thinking to escape the world of any illness.:)

Good things happen to good people ultimately - I assure you


You are valuable :-)

You all are super caring, helpful and always listen to me and are my true friends. Lots of HUGS and LOVE to each and every one of the SF family.:) Let us heal one another and go on in life. I want you to be healthier, happier, and more peaceful than before. I want you to giggle, laugh and have fun.:p YOU CAN LEAD A HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER LIFE MORE THAN EVER BEFORE - I KNOW... I HAVE TRUST IN YOU...

Life is fun and I am enjoying every second of it.:DThere are plenty of ups and downs in my life also and I am aware of that. That is what makes someone's life fun and not boring. ;) I am healthier and happier than ever before. I also have a full time job, social life, exciting hobbies, admiration from others etc. .... :cool: I am confidant, disciplined and on the right track to become truly successful. :):):D:):)

God bless us all ...

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