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I broke the turtle... *weep weep*

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Today my bf gave me a jade luck charm shaped like a trurtle. Then of course, 56 minutes later I dropped it and 2 of the legs broke off. Good luck... Mmmhhhhmmmmm... And on top of that, I learned that it belonged to his passed grandmother!!!!!! All I know is: OH MY GOD I BROKE HIS GRANDMOTHER'S GOOD LUCK CHARM!!!!! NUUUUUUUUU!!!!
Such a shmuck...
But still... Good luck... Hehehe... Lemme test that theory...


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Yup yup yup...
Gives me a gold necklace, pays for ma home coming dress,
Then my jinx-y self manages to break a STONE good luck charm within the hour....
Now if that ain't irony then I don't know what is.


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You know, I've been thinking, it's just as well your bf didn't give you one of those priceless Ming vases, can you imagine if you broke one of them?:p

...maybe he should give you something made out of something a bit more resilient, like carbon fibre or how about a diamond:D
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