I knew I shouldn't have said anything

I have feelings for one of my best friend. Yes, I know, it's very typical and cliche and all that noise, which is why I told myself nothing would ever come of it. I knew he didn't reciprocate, and I don't know when my feelings for him turned into something romantic rather than platonic, but I knew it was just bad news so I tried to get over it. My biggest mistake it seems, was trusting another friend with the information. I told her about these weird feelings I had, and she swore that she wouldn't tell anyone about them.

I know where you think this is going, but hear me out.

A week ago, she pranced around in front of me loudly proclaiming that she had set this guy up with another girl, clearly very proud of herself. I'm not mad about him not getting with me, I knew it would happen already. What I'm mad about is her disregard for my feelings. I'm not saying she had to keep it a secret or anything, but it was though she were trying to rub my face in the fact that one of the things I wanted most would never happen. I feel mocked, and mostly I feel betrayed. I knew this guy was not for me, I knew we would never be together but I feel like maybe this girl could have been a little bit more kind in the way she went about things. Instead of dancing around yelling "I'M GONNA GET X LAAAAIIIIIIIID I'M THE BEST!" She could have maybe just, I dunno behaved like a normal person and kept her tits calm?

So I collected myself. I took deep breaths, I waited until I was calm to confront her and explain how her actions had hurt my feelings. Only for her to flip everything back on me saying "It's not my fault he doesn't want you, don't be jealous." She completely misinterpreted what I was upset about, and despite multiple times explaining that I was not mad about the fact he doesn't like me, because that was a fact I ALREADY KNEW, she's still insisting that I'm mad that I'm single. She can't wrap her mind around why I'm actually hurt, and now she's telling everyone in our collective friend group her spin on why I'm upset.

I'm fucked. Literally. I'm losing all of my friends, all because I decided to confront a problem instead of bottling it like I usually do.

I shouldn't have said anything.
Talking can be a good thing, as long as you are talking to the right people.

Since you told your friend that you liked X, and then she set him up with someone else and made a big show about how she had done that, it should be obvious to her that you would be upset. And I can't see her doing this for any reason other than being malicious.

I'm not sure if it would help or hurt for X to know the whole story
I'm not an expert in such things but i believe you wont lose all your friends over this, the friend who you said will tell everyone her side of the story in your group of friends, can't do that much harm, you liking a guy and being upset over her hurting you seems a normal thing for someone to feel. If your friends are in any way reasonable they wont take an opinion just from that one chick and abandon you. You can of course always just explain your point of view to your friend group!
I'm sure this will work out and it wont be as bad as you think!

I once had a similar problem, i isolated myself from my friend group cause of what one of them had told everyone, but in the end i found out no one really minded, real friends forgive and let each other off with stupid shit they do ( though you didn't do anything stupid, just an example) :) So if you try speaking to them i believe it could work itself out! Meanwhile we are all here for you.:p

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