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I lost a good friend on Saturday

Firstly, i'm not suicidal at the moment....I just needed to get my thoughts down in writing.

I found out on saturday that a good friend that i've known for 12 years was killed in a car crash that morning (he apparantly rear ended a lorry at an intersection after not stopping in time). He was in his mid 30's

He was someone that I only knew and spoke to online (mainly due to being in a different country). I ran a chat server network with him for several years, which is still operational now.

Even though I only knew him online, he was almost like a brother to me.

He rarely had a bad word to say about anyone. I found out about his untimely death via a facebook page that he had me join. He was on his way to a railroad museum that he volunteered at when the crash occurred. The facebook page belonged to the museum, but he helped administrate the page.

I keep looking at his facebook, and hoping that he'll pop online, and say he's ok, even though I know that's no longer possible.

He was a good guy, and his facebook profile, and the messages on it from everyone that knew him regarding his passing are a testiment to that.

His phone (or maybe one of his computers) was still online when I sent a rest in peace in message to him on saturday evening. It said delivered. Knowing that he'll never again respond is one of the hardest things to get my head round.

I just miss his messages and jokes so much.


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Sorry to hear that you lost your friend.

Even though I only knew him online, he was almost like a brother to me
While knowing someone face to face generally intensifies a relationship, you can have really close online relationships too

I guess the person matters more than the mode of interaction


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Im really sorry to hear about your friend. He sounds like a good guy and we need more of those in the world. Try not to feel like because you "only knew him online" that it somehow makes your relationship less than any other. He was your friend and he is important. I'm sorry you've lost him and wish you some peace coming soon.

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