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i suffer ptsd & only talked about it once

it doesnt seem like not long ago my best friend n i were broken down in the middle of nowhere.... someone pulled over to offer us a ride to the station to get help or call for it. thats when he changed directions and said hed shoot us if there was trouble, two days we were going ....it felt lime a lifetime. he raped us both repeatedly.. then at some odd time in the morning i begged to let us go, we could not identify him and i said just let us go and he did ... i thought he was playing games with me bjt he let us go.. after two days at home after all the trsuma and madness my beautiful friend commited suicide.
i still have night terrors every night and wish i could have saved het

Im so sorry! I want to let you know first of all that we are all here for you (I mean it, if you want to talk you are welcome to pm me). You have been through an awful trauma and it’s understandable that’s hard to talk about. Are you in therapy?
Unfortunately the only way of dealing with trauma is by talking about it. Trust me, I know how impossible it feels but you shouldn’t be going through this on your own. It was a brave step to open up here, thank you for sharing this with us!
I wish I could say something else, to do something else to help you.... Im here for you *hug


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Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear that you went through this, its horrific. As for your friend, may she rest in peace. I think you should see a therapist that specialises in sexual abuse, it might help some of the trauma and PTSD symptoms. This is a safe forum, feel free to talk more when you are ready but please don't think suicide is the answer, it definitely is not. *hug


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i'm sorry to hear about your rape and trauma as well as your friends suicide. people like that are animals and I hope he eventually gets caught and sent to prison for life. the other people are right you have to get therapy if you're not in it already. and SF is safe so you can talk freely here at your pace. please talk to us to get it out anytime you need us and you can also talk to me in pm anytime i'm here. mike *hug*hug


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Your words broke my heart. I am so incredibly sorry... This is terrible. You deserve so much better. I cannot imagine how you must feel, but I truly hope you get the help you need and that you'll find peace one day. I'm so sorry your friend couldn't bear it. You'll never be alone, okay? I'm sorry I cannot do more than tell you how much I care and worry. I'm sending you all my love. Please stay with us.

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