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I'm Back with some words of encouragement

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Hello everyone, I discovered this site earlier this year around January I think and it did really help me but I discontinued using it because I found myself getting a little happier. Now, I went through a shitty break up last year which triggered this great depression inside of me. I also got professional help as well after the breakup, in addition to using this site. Everything was going good but just recently as I start school again my slump has come back and I'm really just sick of it at this point. Depression is something mental and it is something real and throughout this hectic past year I've learned that no matter how hard I try to get rid of it or put it in the back of my mind it's ALWAYS GOING TO BE THERE. So instead of striving for the goal of completely ridding my mind of sadness and my heart of hurt I've decided to let it be there and let it be present. More importantly, to not focus on it and go about my day. The more I pay attention to a problem the more it continues to haunt me and beat down at my self esteem. My psychology professor used to always use the phrase, "Fake it to make it", in class. And even though it sounds like an early 2,000's Disney Channel movie slogan it helped me realize that life is short and you've got to be tough so put up a happy face and kill them with kindness because this world is not cohesive. We are each our own person and we will run into people who DO NOT know how to handle our minds. And that's OK. I hope who ever reads this feels free to come talk to me if they feel they need it. I'm very understanding. I will not judge. Try to have a good day.

Remember, even though today may not be great, maybe yesterday wasn't good either, one day you will have a good day. We all live, we all make mistakes, we all learn.
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