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just wondered on how to or if there is an issue with uploading images in the member contributions section,
I am trying to upload from my computer (not stored online) but there isnt a button for file upload in there

I managed to last night in the cafe area so I am wondering where im going wrong. Please can you guide me.
I have read the how to's but cannot find the appropriate buttons.
Thank you


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Do you have the "upload a file" button right dowm near the bottom right - between "post reply" & "more options"?


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Try now @Lilyfrog - there are some account limitations on very new account to prevent issues with spam and trolling that automatically go away after a couple days or after post count requirements are met. I have gone in and removed those limitations on your account. If still having an issue please let us know and I will look into more. There are some forums/sub-forums thta are restricted to no uploads also so depending on where you are trying to do this it may make a difference. While I am sure it is not an issue at all, do review the rules if you have not already done so about what can be uploaded and the types of polls and pictures/etc allowed.

If you continue to have problems feel free to message me directly also and I may be able to attach the attachments if you still cannot.
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