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Interest versus Passion


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I just finished talking to my therapist about my chronic lack of motivation. It's not a trivial matter. My lack of motivation has led me to dark places where the only thing I have been motivated to do was attempt. Sorry for being bleak, but I just wanted to communicate this is an important topic to me.

So, back to the story. As I was talking to her about what my lack of motivation felt like, something slipped out that I think is important and I'm trying to get a handle on it. I told her that my current job was the result of pursuing my interests, not my passions. I didn't mean to word it that way, nor did I mean to say the two were different. But I could not deny I had just expressed something I felt to be true. Interests and passions are different, I think. First, do you agree? Second, how would you describe what an interest is and what a passion is? I'm still working through this, but I feel like a passion is something that sparks a light of motivation inside me, and an interest is something I find tremendously curious. I would characterise them as:

Passion is something that fulfills me. Passion is something that gives me purpose.

An interest is something that can hold my attention favourably for a prolong and profound period of time.

These are not the official definitions. These are want I think they are. Actually, let me look up the definitions....

According to Merriam-Webster:

A passion is defined as a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. (*)

An interest is defined as something that arouses special attention (*).

I'm wondering how these two things are different, because I think that when I'm engaged with them I am motivated. But as common as these two words are, as I look at them, I'm struggling to understand them or understand how they apply to my life.

Your thoughts are greatly welcome.

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I agree, I think the words represent different things. 'Passionate' is way overused these days and when that happens to a word it becomes stripped of any real meaning. Passionate is used only with certain professions. You'll never ever see a chef on television who isn't 'passionate' about food. But you'll never see a banker or stockbroker who says he's passionate about money. Or a doctor say he's passionate about medicine.
It's possible to be interested in things, and people, without being passionate. But now everything has to be a superlative, so 'like' and 'interested' aren't good enough.

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