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Jim's Café - Sunday 25th February 2018

Discussion in 'Jim's Cafe' started by Kira, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Kira

    Kira SF Gelfling Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Good morning /afternoon /evening Café peeps! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I've spent mine sleeping as I've finished moving house (finally!) so my body is catching up on sleep!

    It's always lovely to celebrate a birthday or two in the Café! Happy Birthday to @Kiwi2016 and a belated Happy Birthday to @sassy123 !!! Hip Hip Hooray! (If you are celebrating a birthday also, please let us know)

    What's a party without cakes and decorations??

    You can never have too much cake either...

    It's a lovely day outside so I thought we could all eat and mingle outside in the garden...

    What's that? Not enough cake? Ok, here's some more...

    Come down everyone and celebrate some special birthday's and this lovely weekend!
    Tagging @Innocent Forever @Sunday16 @Ash600 @Karmitkurmit @Lilyfrog @BumbleBee @Witty_Sarcasm @nobodyknows71 @walkerbait95 @Anne Charlotte @dtc @Petal @JacsMom - with her "ugly pants"! @drinty @Dawn @yonk @Rockclimbinggirl @A guy with feelings @Stijn @Lara_C @Acanthi @Angel368 @StillSurviving @Eves @Cody0991 @Deety @Brian777 @Jasonpi @gypsylee @AsphyxiateOnWords @JMG @Zambee123 @Citizen Insane @jxdama @Acy @AlexiMarie7 AND @the SF family! :) ox

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  2. Walker

    Walker Everything Zen Staff Member Safety & Support SF Social Media SF Supporter

    Thanks. You guys have a good day.
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  3. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Have an awesome birthday @Kiwi2016 and happy belated birthday @sassy123 !!!

    Enjoy the weekend everyone and know SF is here for you no matter what :)
  4. nobodyknows71

    nobodyknows71 Forum Pro SF Supporter

    Thanks for the invite @Kira
    Happy happy birthday @Kiwi2016 amd anyone else celebrating bdays.

    Cakes look awesome. Tuck in everyone before @walkerbait95 eats the all.

    Have a great day
  5. Lara_C

    Lara_C SF Supporter

  6. Ash600

    Ash600 SF Creative SF Supporter

  7. yonk

    yonk Active Member

    thank you for the invite, Kira :D

    Happy Birthday, @Kiwi2016 . Happy Birthday @sassy123 . may you two be filled with happiness and all the best xD
    b.jpg b1.jpg

    oh oh, today's feb photo ch is about "cut". just yesterday i had a haircut :D and the cut is kinda looks like this :
    (source : pinterest aka. i borrow a random guy's pic. sorry, not actual me x))

    i hope everyone have a good day, and be prepared for tomorrow'll be monday. take care, everyone
    love SF family very much ~
  8. RCee

    RCee Well-Known Member

    ----Dog of Day----

    JUST got Adopted
    on his way to New home this week

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  9. Kiwi2016

    Kiwi2016 Forum Pro

    Thank you for such wonderful birthday wishes and the cakes and the decorations....love the watering can one as have a feeling will be gardening more in future...what beautiful settings for a party...wishing all a wonderful day as well :)
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  10. Kiwi2016

    Kiwi2016 Forum Pro

    Thanks so much....plan on eating way too much cake and ice cream without any guilt....as my mantra is calories down't count on certain days...lol...
  11. Kiwi2016

    Kiwi2016 Forum Pro

    Thanks for the birthday wishes and drinks...can never have enough...curious what are the ones with the crusted tops...as may need to try some or all of those ....
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  12. Kiwi2016

    Kiwi2016 Forum Pro

    Thanks for the birthday wishes...and in the spirit of the February photo list...thought would bring some cut flowers for all to enjoy...for those still in the winter doldrums...spring will come...

    upload_2018-2-25_5-18-31.jpeg [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    tagging @Angel368 @charley spring @missblack @Aj q8 @Dawn @may71 @texaskitty @Sunday16 @A guy with feelings @Anne Charlotte @Unknown_111 @Brian777 @Leav @dugga @Fudgewobble @SillyOldBear @Jazlyn @Jade O Opor @Acy @A guy with feelings @Citizen Insane @Witty_Sarcasm @JD4010 @Karmitkurmit and one and all to join the party...wishing all a lovely relaxing Sunday...
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  13. Kiwi2016

    Kiwi2016 Forum Pro

    Thanks so much for birthday wishes :) Wishing you a good day as well.
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  14. Kiwi2016

    Kiwi2016 Forum Pro

    Thanks for birthday wishes ... wishing you as well all the best for today :)
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  15. Innocent Forever

    Innocent Forever Go as long as you can. And then take another step. Chat Pro SF Supporter

    Gonna merge threads @Kira ??

    Happy birthday to you birthday folk!!!!
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  16. Winter Blues

    Winter Blues SF Supporter

    Seriously, he’s gorgeous x
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  17. Winter Blues

    Winter Blues SF Supporter

    Have a truly great day Kiwi 2016 and calories definitely don’t count today ... enjoy xxx
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  18. JacsMom

    JacsMom Staff Alumni

  19. Kiwi2016

    Kiwi2016 Forum Pro

    Yes,,,it's pne of my long list when they don't count....eating standing up...eating out...eating at a friend's...etc etc...lol...
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  20. Kiwi2016

    Kiwi2016 Forum Pro

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