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Jim's Cafe 14 Feb 2020


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ok unless somebody thinks of something better i'll start with a few questions.

1. can you name a person that makes a difference on SF and goes beyond regular posting on SF. of course we could name many so name one at a time and please note we can't add everyone we know lol

@BlackOpium she hasn't been here long but she has made her mark. is always cheerful and helpful

2. what has SF done for you

first it saved my life then taught me coping skills then allowed me to make a small contribution

3. what is the oldest car you ever owned and what was it.

a 1958 oldsmobile


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Ty for the tag @1964dodge :)

Can/will only answer 1 of those 3 q's though sorry. First one I won't answer because it's excluding & I find reading others singling members out to be VERY triggering for me.

Rather not say why I can't answer #3 but maybe it's pretty obvious anyway.

As for #2, what has SF done for me, it's done lots which is help me feel less alone, find other people who have felt similar ways to me and helped me realize that not only am I not alone with things I've thought and felt but there are others who have even worse and more stressful lives than me. I like that it has a games forum & the diary forum too I find them helpful & am glad the SF creators realized the importance of allowing members to make those kinds of posts :) Glad this site exists, whether a person ends up being very "popular" here or not it is just good & comforting to know it's here.


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Thanks for opening @Lilmeowmeow and for the invite @1964dodge :)

1. There are just far too many for me to be able to single out one person.

2. SF has been a lifeline for me. It's given me understanding and empathy when it felt like the world didn't get me (or I didn't get the world). It's given me a totally safe space to talk and support to understand my thoughts. But most of all it's given me friendship.

3. A 1971 Triumph Spitfire Mark IV. It was off the road far more than it was on it but we had some fun times.

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