Jim's Cafe Saturday 3rd March

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One of my favorite places to go is a little spot in Oregon City. It is a little bit of a drive for me from the town where I live, but I like to go up there sometimes and reflect on things. Rather than share a silly cake, I wanted to share the view from there today.

Hi everyone, this is brilliant. I feel like I’m entering a parallel universe full of weird folk. I’ve been sitting next door for half an hour as someone forgot to put the CLOSED sign up!! Hope your all having a great day and thanks for the invite @Karmitkurmit. Loving your heat source !

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Those are the kind of days I like. With it being cold over here, I don't even have to put the beers in the fridge, just leave them hanging outside the kitchen door:D
Now that's a sign of universe responding to our inner flow, everything's within a reach :) next thing u know is one of us rattling those bottles and cans off your door :p

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Hey y'all
Popping by for a moment :)
It's the end of a really long day... In which I feel like I did nothing but probably did more than nothing (I mean just living through a day is awesome, never mind anything else)
Thanks for the invites!!! @crumbum @Ash600 @Woowoo @Karmitkurmit
On edge and need to find a way to calm down. Will probably watch a chick flick movie or something.

Come join us @Lynne1974 @cvb2377 @AsphyxiateOnWords @Kiwi2016 @Petal @CSilver @Kalicka @simon @Casmir @Paisley @bubblebear @theedda

Welcome to SF (and the cafe)
@psychologygeek @Rose Gold @Dalai.Lmao @Mei Daqian @Claire Bailey @Mike78 @Lunau @Dog87 @DiegoArgentina @DonKno @simo

Oh, and I wrote some things to be grateful for :)
What are you grateful for?
I'm grateful for SF
I'm grateful for my naketano hoodies (some people here might have heard that I'm obsessed with them, not sure why but I really like them)
That last night went okay (spent the evening from 4 - 10 in the hospital visiting)
That my friend had bisili for me (I've been craving it)

Always remember, you are awesome!
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