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Jim's Cafe - Sunday 4 March

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1f5881b4cb443d039fe57afd61cceed8.jpg The cafe is open for relaxing with a drink and chat with good friends.

I'm going to sit in a corner by the fire, enjoy my coffee and read a book for a while.

Come join us @Bassettherapy @texaskitty @bobbob@Mercedesgirl @unlucky me @Polarbear@bubblebear @JacsMom @sassy123@Ash600 @Lulabelle @Daíthí @JustSteve@yonk @Dycorp @Silverpuddle@Charlieb10088 @BumbleBee @Eadric @Usagi @citizeninsane @crumbum @Innocent Forever @Karmitkurmit @frankie626 @Rebecca @gazjustgaz @Yang Gu @Shannew @Kiwi2016 @MarkahMalady @shania @Witty_Sarcasm @Deety @Kalicka @walkerbait95 @Winter Blues


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Good morning/afternoon/evening to all you lovely SFers.
I want to know how come the coffee in the Cafe looks so much better than mine!
Did a bit of manic shopping last night (bad Angie!) which requires an hour round trip to pickup or even return the items, so thats whats on for later this morning (its 3:44 am here now). I'm thinking fruit for breakfast would be lovely, can't wait until fruit is in season!


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Good morning/ afternoon/evening everyone! It's 9pm Sunday night here. I'm just watching TV eating popcorn and drinking Coke. Very healthy and nutritious :D

Enjoy whatever is in store for you today (even if it's sleeping like me and the other Southern Hemisphere folk!) :) ox


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Good morning guys! thanks for the invite Woo! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
How about some nice lattes?
Or my fave, some Thai iced tea? (I could drink about 36 of these)
Another snow day over here, so I'll probably only step out for some produce at the market down the street. I'll catch you guys later. :3
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