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Jim's Cafe - Thursday 22nd February '18

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Oh my goodness what a spread! Thanks for the invite @Innocent Forever
How about an alcoholic beverage to start the day, it can be too bad!!
Baileys and cream for me!

or maybe Khalua and coffee?

come to think of it, strawberries and cream would be tasty this morning

come and enjoy @Freya @JmpMster @Shadowlands @crumbum @Ineluki @sadcat @Silverpuddle @Acy @SillyOldBear @Citizen Insane @JacsMom @sassy123 @Daithi @bobbob @Null @Event Horizon @bubblebear (I think you are all old enough to drink lol if not enjoy the strawberries!

Have a good day all, here we are in the midst of an ice storm and large branches keep falling from my trees, usually on the roof, which will scare the pee out of anyone!
Thanks for the invite @Innocent Forever...looks like all one could wish for in terms of refreshments are here...so thought we could use some decorations...and balloons being my favorite .... thought would bring some along....


tagging @charley spring @Angel368 @A guy with feelings @Kira @Acy @pooky @Acy @may71 @Karmitkurmit @Brian777 @fudgwobble @Aj q8 @Dawn @Miss black @nobodyknows71 @Unknown_111 @walkerbait95 and everyone else....to come...wishing all a great Thursday....and thinking of the February photo list....

and thank you all here for your selfless acts of kindness.... upload_2018-2-22_4-34-3.jpeg ....


Not open for further replies.

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