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well done @1964dodge !!! Oh crap now I've forgotten the question. Well as the years have gone by, it changed. When I first came here deep in the throes of abuse recovery, self harming and continually attempting this place said I didn't have to suffer with all that and for many years helped me get through. Then when I had gotten well enough, one night Joe (Abacus21) sent me a PM that said Would You Fancy? and it was an invite to join junior - chat monitoring staff. I said yes and I working in that role a very long time. Back then chat announced when someone came in or left, and it was my goal to greet each one, by true name if possible. I met lots of people, most were hurting badly and as they walked their recovery out night by night, my own recovery was strengthened. One such person is current staff Kate @Rockclimbinggirl . We spent many many hours in pm talking and today she is helping others and is an asset to the site. Momma me be a bit proud! Then came the great fall and I drifted away in an opiate haze. I am back now, as a regular member, retired as it were from staff's work, but still wanting to know and help people as long as being supported in my never ending battle with bipolar schizoaffective disorder and a general inability to get things done in my life. Basically, I LOVE SF!
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