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Jim's Cafe - Tuesday 6th March

Discussion in 'Jim's Cafe' started by Innocent Forever, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Karmitkurmit

    Karmitkurmit King of the Hedge SF Supporter

    Hi all, and thanks for the invites. I'm late to the party today so I'll make it quick.

    Without a doubt I am most thankful for SF and all of it's family members. I needed them last night and I was not found wanting.

    I guess my trait would be my ability to bounce back from most things. I get stuck in a rut now and then, but pick me up, throw me away, and I'll just keep on bouncing! So I brought along some bouncy fun today:

    bouncy 1.png bouncy 2.jpg bouncy 3.jpg bouncy 4.jpg bouncy 5.jpg

    And the inevitable hog picture....coz why the hell not!? (one for you @Alwayswrong )
    hedgehog 2.jpg

    Hope you all had a great day. XXX
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  2. Alwayswrong

    Alwayswrong Well-Known Member

    Soooooooooo sweet and tender!!!!! Thanks,@Karmitkurmit.
    I wish I had that trait of bouncing back. I drown easily in a half-filled thimble.
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  3. Winter Blues

    Winter Blues SF Supporter

    That’s one mean looking hedgehog x
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  4. Karmitkurmit

    Karmitkurmit King of the Hedge SF Supporter

    Grab my hand @Alwayswrong , there's enough bounce in me for the whole family :)

    Throwing you a thimble sized life ring o

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  5. Charliex8

    Charliex8 SF Creative

    Yeah! I love my subscription box! I made a post about it a few weeks ago but it got deleted for advertising. Oops! So unfortunately I can't share a link with you. They are very cool though! They are specially made for people with depression (but of course anyone can buy one!) that contain things to encourage self care and make you feel good. Could be books, crafty projects, bath lotions, tea, stickers....you never know! And that's all part of the fun!
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  6. Yang Gu

    Yang Gu Member

    Have a warm night or day!!!