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missing you more than ever


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there are normally only two days a year that really get to me. i am tryning so hard to be strong and not let it hurt this year but three days away from kiddo birthday. i just dont know how to handle it. so many have left my life recently, its like when will i get a break. how do i keep going. i will be doing something in rememberence of my kiddo to celebrate the life they lived. even that is painful. i know that your not in any pain i truly believe my kiddo is watching over me. but i stil miss its still kpainful. i wish i never regreted having my kiddo although i was young. i cheerished every minute with my kiddo i have regrets but not having her.im so lost at this moment dont feel strong enough to face this on my own this year


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the only other support i have is seeing my therapist. also i have one staff member that i have known for long time but just started to communicate again we lost touch.


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it gives me some peace and i write to my child daily. its just its still hard for me to deal with and not having family except my other child its hard i have to be strong for my other child. its just as a mother i think its a wound that doesnt heal but does become easier to deal with
Losing a child is one of the hardest things that can happen to someone in life. It's understandable that it still hurts as much as it does.

How old is your other child?

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