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My beloved pets

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by shattered dreams, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. shattered dreams

    shattered dreams My scars are healed, doesnt mean the pain is gone

    these are my dogs that i just lost to the parvovirus, the small one is scooby doo and the other was my rocky, they
    were my everything, my entire life and now they are gone forever,


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  2. shattered dreams

    shattered dreams My scars are healed, doesnt mean the pain is gone

    My scooby didn't really walk, he was a prancer and he backed down to no one, my rocky i rescued from an abusive home,
    they were my best friends, and are now my Angels. I am so lost without them. I just feel empty and alone now, this is so
    heartbreaking and depressing, I just want to join them.

  3. Kiwi2016

    Kiwi2016 Forum Pro

    I know how hard it is to lose pets as they offer unconditional love and not to mention wet nose kisses. It can be devastating but keep in mind that you gave them that unconditional love back and they are always still by your side in your heart mind and soul. Sending you hugs.
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  4. Shadowlands

    Shadowlands Official SF Hugger Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Pets are still precious. *hug
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  5. Kira

    Kira SF Gelfling Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I'm so sorry for your losses @shattered dreams
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of them with us :)
    Sending hugs your way - Kira ox
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  6. shattered dreams

    shattered dreams My scars are healed, doesnt mean the pain is gone

    Thank you all very much for coming to see my babys, I loved them more than life itself. I just woke up and told myself that I wasn't going to cry today, and here I am already with tears in my eyes. Everyone here has just been so nice to me, I was so nervous when I first got here, that I wasn't even sure I could post anything.

    I now know that I truly belong here.
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  7. Lara_C

    Lara_C SF Supporter

  8. Kiwi2016

    Kiwi2016 Forum Pro

    I too still have tears when I think of the loss of my two dogs so sending you hugs. I am so glad that you found SF and are now part of this amazing extended family. Please keep posting and remember you aren't alone as we're all here for you.
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  9. shattered dreams

    shattered dreams My scars are healed, doesnt mean the pain is gone

    Thank you kiwi,

    how long ago did you lose your pets? Mine gave me lots of joy, and love as i'm sure yours did the same, but most importantly they gave me hope and the strength to keep living, and now that is gone. I miss them so very much.
  10. Kiwi2016

    Kiwi2016 Forum Pro

    Hi. It has been a few years for each of my two dogs but I still have so many fond memories of each of them. As they were individuals with their own quirks and personalities. And will admit if see photo still do get a bit teary. We now have another rescue which we've had for a few years.. a 100lb imp...Though I wasn't sure at the time .... going to the humane society was hard but am glad I did as would never have her if hadn't. Sending you hugs. So would recommend when youre ready looking for a new dog to give a forever home....they never replace the ones you've lost but give you a new four legged to love....sending you hugs.
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  11. afterlifepig

    afterlifepig Well-Known Member

    my cat died on Friday. i also loved him quite a lot. but now i figure he is with God, and at least i don't have to worry about him anymore. he was with my family since i was 8 years old. i'm not getting any more pets, i'd feel like i was cheating on my cat.

    so anyway i feel for you.
  12. shattered dreams

    shattered dreams My scars are healed, doesnt mean the pain is gone

    I had made 8"x10" pictures of both my scooby and my rocky and they are in my front room, I wanted to be able to see them at any time, and yet every time I look at them, I fall apart. I'm so torn on what to do, I don't want to take them off the wall, they were my reason for wanting to live, and at the same time I think looking at them is an instant trigger for me now.

    I just miss them so much, I think i'll be forever lost without them...
  13. shattered dreams

    shattered dreams My scars are healed, doesnt mean the pain is gone

    I look at their pictures every day, and tell them how much i love and miss them, as i'm falling apart, just looking at their pictures on the wall brings tears to my eyes, I know that looking at them is triggering me, but I can't stop doing it, I loved them so much, they gave me love and hope... they were my reason for wanting to live and they are now gone, I strongly believe that it's all my fault, if I had only been able to get them vaccinated, that they never would have gotten sick.

    They both died on the same day, and each one actually took their last breath while in my arms, i'm crying so hard right now that i can barely see to type
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  14. Walker

    Walker Everything Zen Staff Member Safety & Support SF Social Media SF Supporter

    Sorry to hear about your furry pups.
    And that really sucks about your cat too, @afterlifepig Sorry.
    Losing pets is terrible for people.
  15. shattered dreams

    shattered dreams My scars are healed, doesnt mean the pain is gone

    I miss them so much, I love my dogs more than life itself!

    but it's the guilt that I feel, knowing that had they had their shots, this might not have happened.
  16. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    *hug* Your beloved furry friends would not want you to feel guilty. They had a good home and lots of love because of you. That's what I hope you can focus on.

    And it might still have happened, or something else...the most important thing is that you loved them and they loved you.

    @afterlifepig - I'm sorry to hear about your cat. Animals are lovely friends! *hug*
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  17. dugga

    dugga Well-Known Member

    Hi @shattered dreams - sorry about your pets... and sorry @afterlifepig about your cat. Must have been real hard to lose them both on the same day. I lost one of my cats last year from feline infectious peritonitis and it really broke my heart as she was only two. Just don't beat yourself up too much over it and cherish their memories - we're all here for you. Take care
  18. They are just adorable! But they live on forever in your heart. I've lost several dogs and cats over the years and it always hurts but I've not forgotten one of them. They still make me smile.
  19. Claudia UK

    Claudia UK Well-Known Member

    I know to well how you feel shattered dreams. They are both so adorable. My dogs mean the world to me too and when I lost my little girl last year in august my world came crashing down. She meant the world to me and loosing her was like loosing a part of myself. Sending big ((( hugs))) your way.
  20. Claudia UK

    Claudia UK Well-Known Member

    A poem for Scooby and Rocky :

    „ God looked around his garden and found an empty place. He then looked down upon the earth and saw your tired face. He puts his arms around you and lifted you to rest. God´s garden must be beautiful, he only takes the best.

    He knew that you were suffering; he knew you were in pain.

    He knew that you would never get well on earth again..

    He saw the road was getting rough and the hills where hard to climb.

    So he closed your weary eyelids and whispered “Peace be thine”.

    It broke our hearts to loose you but you didn´t go alone. For part of us went with you, the day God called you home.”