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Need input for vitamin tablets.


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Hello. I have been having sound sleep. But when I wake up at 7 I don't fresh, feel lethargic. I am 52 years old male. Can somebody please suggest a good vitamin brand? I think I need B12, Vitamin D, calcium.


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I wish I knew more about it. I am in US and it is quite common here. I do not recall what it does to promote energy, but heard about it years ago and it does help. If you have access to Amazon, you should be able to order from there. I use a brand made by Andrew Lessman. Am reading the label. Our cells use it to produce energy. It is necessary for our organs to function at optimal efficiency. Is great for heart, kidneys, brain, liver and pancreas. It is a naturally occurring product in our bodies that decline as we age, or have physical ailments and stress.


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Magnesium Malate is supposed to be good for energy. Make sure it's malate as the other forms of magnesium can have the opposite effect.
I'd be a bit concerned that any vitamins you would take might have an impact on your IBS. If you take vitamins at all, it would be important that the ones you select and the dosage are both proper.
I just checked one of my books on Chinese medicine, and it says that Choline "moistens the intestines and frees the flow of the stool".

So you might want to check that out, but certainly talk to your doctor first.
But when I wake up at 7 I don't fresh, feel lethargic
It seems like the lethargy is not a life threatening issue at the moment, so it would be better to not try to address this until IBS, the life threatening issue for you, has been addressed.


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Hey GMody :)
Before starting any self-treatment, which could just do you more harm than good, I would discuss about it with your doctor and maybe get you tested for some specific vitamins deficiency. I have recently got it done too and I lack a few of them, so my doc prescribed me the right dosage and length of therapy. Hope you can feel better soon *hug

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