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One of our friends is gone


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@Angie So sorry you lost a friend Angie. Guess it is a lesson for all of us that no matter how hard we try, it just isn't always enough. I also hope that those thinking about suicide will see all the pain Jason's loss is causing his friends on SF. And realize that their loss would be mourned just as deeply.


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I haven't really had the words to reply, I'm still not sure I do. It's sad to lose one of our own. Jason was well known in chat, and a friend to many.


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To folk reading this thread who are struggling.
I got so down two years ago, when got ill with crazy brain screwing blood clotting disorder, that I never thought things could ever get better and thought that life would from then on (metaphorically speaking) be one long dark tunnel with rats scurrying around and damp dripping from the ceiling.
But things did get better (albeit not the illness itself) and now no longer in dark tunnel; just out on grey day with occasional breaks in the clouds and brief bursts of sunshine that makes realise that there is hope after all.
So please remember that feeling hopeless does not mean that things are hopeless. Does mean that need to be kind to self and reach out for help if need to.
and we are here *hug


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RIP Jason, we hadn't talked for a long time but he had been there for me many times over the years, helped me during some of my darkest patches, always caring for others even when he was struggling. You will be greatly missed, Jason.

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