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One Thing to be Grateful for Each Day

i am greatful to have the opportunity to have a phonecall with my therapist today to sort out things that went wrong during last session
i felt listened to and had the space to explain things in a more differentiated way than I was able to do yesterday
he helped me a lot also with giving advices how to handle work related stuff


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Grateful that I can tolerate pain and even accept it, knowing full well that both joy and pain are part of everybody's life. Accepting reality makes it easier to cope with.


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I'm grateful that I was able to get lots of groceries yesterday. I'm grateful that the weather is nicer. I'm grateful for my birds, even if they do shed feathers everywhere, constantly. I'm grateful for my friends and my faith. I'm happy and lucky and grateful that I had a chance to get some fun craft stuff, and some reading material. I'm grateful that I don't have a lot of house cleaning to do today.

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