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One Thing to be Grateful for Each Day

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by SillyOldBear, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. bubblebear

    bubblebear Princess

    i am also grateful for the kind souls here
  2. Lynne1974

    Lynne1974 Well-Known Member

    I'm grateful that I have a warm home. Especially with this cold weather.
  3. SonjaRot

    SonjaRot So What?

    I'm grateful that I can rest after work... sitting feels like heaven!
  4. JustLovely

    JustLovely Wants to become a cat

    I was able to get out of bed, do laundry and take a shower.
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  5. Winter Blues

    Winter Blues SF Supporter

    Today x. Hoping every one has a peaceful one
  6. MarkahMalady

    MarkahMalady Well-Known Member

    Today I'm grateful to be getting my butt kicked at work! :D I wanna be less chubby and this is like a monetarily compensated workout.
  7. Kira

    Kira SF Gelfling Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I'm grateful that I had the motivation to straighten my hair tonight. I haven't done it for years! It's nice to have it looking pretty for a change :)
  8. Lynne1974

    Lynne1974 Well-Known Member

    I'm thankful it was warm enough to walk to and from the grocery store today. Saved money by not taking cabs.
  9. MarkahMalady

    MarkahMalady Well-Known Member

    I'm grateful for my amazing husband. :) he's so smart and hardworking. I'm a lucky woman.
    Sometimes I think of him teary eyed, hugging my dad at our wedding ;___;
  10. gypsylee

    gypsylee SF Supporter

    I’m grateful for my sense of humour.
  11. JustLovely

    JustLovely Wants to become a cat

    Literally can not think of even one single tiniest thing
  12. Flying Fox

    Flying Fox SF Supporter

    My family. They have always been there for me, even on my worse days - putting up with me and taking on the extra burden of my disabilities and problems. We have all had our ups and downs, gripes and differences, but what family doesn't have that.
    My good friend who is never with judgement.
    The local non-profit organization for people with disabilities that I both volunteer at and participate and the community.

    Without all three I could not, would not, want not be able to make it in this world. I am not strong enough to stand alone on my own two feet.

    This forum and all the kind people here.
    I enjoy the spring green and rolling hills, the cherry blossoms and busy bees, scent of flowers and the feel of the sun and the wind.
    My A1C is 8.4, the lowest it has been in 5 years, and my weight is better than I had estimated it to be. Next month I will have a new wheelchair delivered that is a much better fit and light as well.
  13. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I am grateful to have SF to turn to when there is nobody...
  14. MyCatWillMissMe

    MyCatWillMissMe Well-Known Member

    I'm, uhh...can you be grateful that you DON'T have certain problems? Like I'm grateful that I'm not blind or deaf I guess???
  15. JustLovely

    JustLovely Wants to become a cat

    Yesterday I have prayed for the first time in 17 years. It helped me sleep.
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  16. Mandar

    Mandar Well-Known Member

    I am greatful for having a family who genuinely cares about me
  17. bubblebear

    bubblebear Princess

    i am grateful for my toilet when i need it and also that i have enough toilet paper
  18. LonelyHiker

    LonelyHiker Waitering for Godot

    I'm grateful for forums like this where people "get it"...
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  19. Winslow

    Winslow Antiquitie's Friend SF Supporter

    Grateful that today is my weekly excursion with my friend. Amazing that he's been my friend all the way from 1971. At first we used to meet only once a month but now we meet every Thursday. He lives only a few blocks from me, so we meet at the neighborhood library and then catch the bus to go downtown.
  20. Winter Blues

    Winter Blues SF Supporter

    Ive had a very bad day today but I am SO eternally grateful for SF xxxxx. Hugs to you all