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I've been having this issue since the infection days, they cured my infections but its weird that the symptoms persists. It literally won't cure insonmia, even drug after drug. I've almost tried all drugs. Uro and pdoc are ridiculous. I just feel the insonmia is going to kill me first. Kitty tired. 🥺
Just sayin'. We are not alone, we are not better or worse and its definitely not just you. You're never the only one alone in pain. I just always dislike if when they make it all about themselves esp real life and seniors. This is how stupid it is.

My judgemental aunt. "why do you like all this stress relief stuffs? are you the one paying all the rant? are you the one who is sick?" etc etc. Believe me honey, I can always go brutally honest at this point. What an arrogant ass.


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Ok so me and my mom had the right of way to cross the street. Anyway, this dumb bitch is driving towards us and keeps driving nearly into us, even though she can clearly see us in the middle of the road and walking across. I don't know how some people get driver's licenses when they obviously have shit for brains.

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