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In this new world we live in I don't really have much of a wardrobe. I've worn socks and shoes maybe 5 or 6 times in the last 1.5 yrs. It's hotter than hell here right now, so I've traded the sweatpants for basketball shorts. Most of my shirts are black, some stuff on them. I used to buy shirts from so I have some I really like.

This is pretty much me on a regular day:

IF I require footwear:
Before you tell me 1990 called and wants it's sandals back, mine are well broke in and you can't even begin to find the one's I have on today's market. They even have adjustable Velcro!

I'll see if I can dig up some picks of my Woot shirts, so you can get an idea of what calamity I think is appropriate to walk around in.


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I love dressing up, but don't get to do that so often now. My job involves me moving heavy boxes from time to time, so I just take a nod from my favorite 70s fashion icons (although I'm usually in a concert tee and jeans these days, but you get the point). Also, I don't look like Jaclyn Smith at all, but everyone calls me Kelly because I am kind of super into my hair. haha But this is my general style these days, or anything else slightly 70s.

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Oh I love 70's clothes! I went to a top stylist in London and she put me in some flares - she's all about the silhouette -and I was surprised how good they still look. They give your legs a really good shape.


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I enjoy my bell bottoms! And that sounds like a super fun thing you did. I'd love to see a stylist in London! haha I love England, and miss it!
One of the best things I ever did for myself. We went to Selfridges. I was feeling really old and frumpy, totally unworthy of the experience (I was late 40's) and she transformed me. I was in complete shock. Got a lot of stuff in Karen Millen and Ted Baker, shops I felt were too good for the likes of me. I tell you, I was a different person mentally after that. I'd totally recommend it.


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i'm a sucker for really weird (usually hideous) on sale clothes and corset trousers are my new favourite thing. mine arrived today. I've got them on with this kinda top (similar colour, cut) but mine's a bit tighter with long sleeves. I'm not working or going anywhere today so I've just got socks the same colour as my top on heh

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This is hard. ^^ I feel like I have many contradictory styles. I wear pretty much anything I like, as long as it's feminine I suppose. Not a tomboy at all, never have been. *hiding

A black faux-leather jacket is my must, with a thin, loose top and jeans - VERY me. Dresses, cozy sweaters, blouses or blazers... Dark colours with a predominance of black.

Look 1.png

As soon as the Summer hits though, you'll only see me in cute flowery Summer dresses. :D *facepalm Even at home, I find them the most comfortable and I don't need to make any more effort to feel good.

Dress 1.png
I have this exact same dress. ^^
Right now, I'm home eating ice cream and wearing a metal shirt and black shorts - also my Summer festival attire. :)

Festival 1.png Festival 2.png

For shoes, lots of high heels/boots cause I'm not a fan of being short, and I have about 3-4 pairs of All Stars. I also like ballerinas occasionally. You'll NEVER see me in trainers. :D (unless you convince me to do some jogging, I dare you)

And most importantly... my glasses. ♡



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My clothes tend to just be t-shirts or similar with like gym shorts in the summer and my khaki joggers or jeans when it gets colder. I have a lot of shirts for favorite teams and bands. When I'm feeling really lazy and it's not too hot, I'll just throw on a black zip-up hoodie with no actual shirt.
I don't own a lot of different pants.
I used to have a lot more polos and button up shirts but not so much anymore
Yesterday I wore this because Spurs had a preseason match.
1627566406073.png But the logo is kinda peeling off unfortunately.
Plus kind of generic gym shorts and black Nike sneakers.
I have 3 pairs of shoes that I wear. The aforementioned black Nike sneakers, a pair of black converse high tops, and some Timberland boots (which I don't really wear in summer.)

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(Inspired by this thread )

Another thread was so interesting, in that it was people saying what they have recently purchased and much of it was clothes. It was cool because it gave me some insight into who people are more - what they're wearing, the jewelry they have bought etc.

So what do you wear most days? That can be what you wear to work.. or what you wear at home..

Bonus points for using photos to show us and adding jewelry to your post, if applicable.
my wife says I wear a skirt! I got in the habit of wrapping a towel around me after a shower. I think this is a common practice amongst us extraterrestrials, and perhaps you earthlings too. a skirt? no biggy, right? but! my son took a trip to Asia and while in Singapore I believe, he bought me a souvenir. a garment worn by both men and women there. it's better to wrap me with that than a wet towel.

as one who hates the constraints of western clothing, this garment he gave me, the name of which I can't remember at the moment, suits me just fine. if my wife considers it or the towel a skirt, so be it. at least I'm a bit more comfortable. this is strictly at home by the way. outside I give in to those hated western constraints though I have vowed to never wear a suit and tie again. so obscene! truly.!

for bonus points I have used my phototelepathic camera to take a few selfies and the images should be in your minds already. just close your eyes and check. yup, you got it.
Time for some clothing pics - yay!

As I said I often wear black jeans and a t-shirt, and I usually wear a pendant either on a silver necklace or black cord. I often wear silver rings and carry a cool purse. My favourite season is fall and part of that is jackets, scarves and hats. Anyway, here are a few of my clothes, including my summer purse, favourite dress and favourite blouse, and some pendants (the pendants are much smaller than they look).



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