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What's your complaint today? Not the heavy ones, the ones we've already got a forum for - the finances and abuse and how you feel like the world is closing in. I mean the dumb stuff that you realize on the surface is dumb but that is just grating on you today. Got a bad haircut? Neighbors revving the car engine? Someone is whistling in the house and won't shut up? :) The bank messed up your account and now it's taking all day on the phone to figure out? What is it.. let's have a vent about the small and unworthy.

Me? My job smells like a barnyard petting zoo in the heat of summer.


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I've been moving house for the last few days and am averaging about 3hrs sleep a night. Anyway, I've been wearing the same clothes because I don't want to dirty up a whole heap as I don't have a working washing machine and won't have one for at least a week.

The petty complaint is that I had a shower at the "old" house because all of the toiletries were still there BUT I only had my filthy, dirty, disgusting clothes with me! That was terrible. A lovely and much needed shower only to have to put filthy clothes back on. Yuck! My socks were so gross that I threw them away!

P.S I'm loving this thread! I think I'll be using it a lot! Lol.


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I'm pissed off that my friend made me get up early this morning and go to a vintage clothes sale. I was actually quite excited...
It was the biggest pile of crap I've ever seen. It wasn't vintage, it was just old, smelly, dirty. The stuff in there would have been binned by a charity shop!

And it was £3 to get in... Could have bought a decent coffee with that! :D

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