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Private Message Issues


The sleepiest of Owls
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Hey guys, just reporting an issue with private messaging... someone PMd me and the message showed up in the same chat window as another member! Is it a bug?


Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense
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I don’t know if it’s a bug. It’s one of the things that happens on my iPad in chat...or sort of...switching from main chat to PM chat sometimes I hit the person I want to chat with and it brings up a different member’s chat window. I thought it was an iPad/mobile mode glitch, so didn’t fuss over it. Just patiently closed and reopened SF and then chat to get to the member I wanted.

It doesn’t happen all the time so figured it was at my end.



Hopper, Skipper, Jumper
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Not sure exactly what you mean. Did it resolve itself? When you bring it up now is it still the same way?
Obviously we've messaged you as a multi message PM so many users in the same message so we're not talking about that. Just not sure what you're saying.


The sleepiest of Owls
SF Supporter
no was in a private message.... 2 people in the same chat window... it has righted itself now after i cleared cookies.... thanks *hug


The sleepiest of Owls
SF Supporter
hehe Acy, just read your signature... squirrels also dig up plants, but they are super cute so they're let off :D

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