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problems quoting messages


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for some reason, why I click on reply with quote in the thread, it won't come up with the quoted message in the reply box

is their something else that I need to do?



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No, you should only have to either click reply or quote, either one in order to quote the message you'd like to have quoted.


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On my iPad, I have to hit “Quote” in the part I want to quote, then in my own message, I have to hit “Insert quotes...” and then it pops into place in my message.


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If you click reply it will automatically quote the whole message.

If you click quote it copies it. You can highlight and quote just part of a message too. And multiple things can be in the clipboard.

Like Acy said, there's an insert quotes button that will be under the reply box if you have anything copied.
@emily91 , I think folks on phones may have more trouble with quoting, so if you're still having trouble you may want to specify what device you're using.

I hope something can help.

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