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Question 11

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untwisting the pretzel
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we live in a world that we percieve as having dimensions. how many is kind of up to us. we’ve kind of settled on 3. or had it pushed in our face. i suppose that gives stability. it isn’t a truth though as i see it. i fail to perceive the way i want to. i strive to do my best. i think that is a little bit of truth. and what i try to perceive is that when we perceive this 3D universe as perhaps having expanse maybe even endless, what it really is, i have to express with the 3D firmly in place, so this is my best answer: that space, all space is contained on a dot. a dot so small it has no space at all. and how can we exist on that? you might ask. well contained in that dot is desire. desire does not need space. thats it. and with desire, everything exists everywhere. to me, that is truth.
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