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Have you ever been through a natural disaster?
Does being born count? (Actually I have lived through a very very mild earthquake where I had to watch the local news just to check that it really did happen)

Have you ever got drunk outdoors? (I have much happier memories of beaches / parks than of the local pubs)


Ummโ€ฆI dunnoโ€ฆI donโ€™t really sing lol but hmm I guess โ€œOver the Rainbowโ€ cos itโ€™s a pretty simple one lol :p

Where is a place (anywhere at all) that you wish you could go right now?


Havenโ€™t had many in my life really and the couple Iโ€™ve had (California and Spain) I canโ€™t pick between the 2 cos I loved both places soo much! :)

What is something that is on your mind right now, or just something you are wanting to talk about?


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Worried about my sister, worried about a lot of things actually, but that's pretty much par for the course for me.

What is the weirdest plant you've ever seen?

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