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share your resolutions or goals for 2017!!

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by nobodyknows71, Dec 21, 2016.

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  1. nobodyknows71

    nobodyknows71 Forum Pro SF Supporter

    I don't make resolutions, I never stick to them. But there are some things I'd like to do in 2017. My goals are pretty low key (mostly) because I don't want to fail any of them. So I've kept them achievable. I think! ;)
    They are, in no particular order

    1. Sort out my relationship one way or the other
    2. Get off zero hour contract at work and be made permanent
    3. Lose a stone (14lbs) in weight (I need to lose more but a stone is a good place to start, as I said I'm trying to keep it realistic)
    4. Decorate my living room
    5. Start exercising
    6. Go easy on the alcohol
    7. Be kinder to myself and treat myself with the same empathy I would others
    8. Try to forgive myself for past things I can't change
    9. To try and open up more to my family
    10. Be happier than 2016

    Wow, reading it back it's quite a list!! Not sure I succeeded in keeping them low key. But this is it! This is what I would like to achieve in 2017!
    7-10 are going to be tough, but I need to give them a go.

    Please feel free to share your resolutions/goals :):):)
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  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    1. Go back to slimming world and lose a healthy 1-2 lbs a week.

    2. Make new friends.

    3. Exercise every day.

    4. Cause no trouble at all for anyone.

    5. Start a course that I am sure will fit in with my ability.

    6. Get my teeth fixed.

    7. Go on a foreign holiday late summer.
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  3. HoodyMoody

    HoodyMoody Well-Known Member

    1. Put more work in schoolwork
    2. Reach out to some people
    3. Expand your interests
    4. Try new things
    5. Somehow, gain more energy
    6. Sort out your thinking patterns
    7. Curb paranoia
    8. Become a better conversationalist since you're horrible atm lol
    Umm anything else...
    9. Work on your attention span and simply maintaining focus
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  4. brknsilence

    brknsilence "Keep Moving Forward"-Meet The Robinsons movie

    Great lists everyone :)

    Mine would be:
    1) Be nicer to myself and learn to love myself.
    2) learn to have fun
    3) be forgiving, myself, for my past mistakes
    4) get back into being creative with things and have my kids involved so they learn as well to be creative (for their uniqueness).
    5) becoming more social by getting out and meeting people instead of hiding at home.
    6) learn to laugh more
    7) be okay to cry and make mistakes (to realize and accept I'm not perfect)
    8) find better ways of coping instead of self destructive ways.
    9) find a new, fun activity to do with my family

    So far, that's all.
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  5. Cicada 3301

    Cicada 3301 Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    1. Lose half a stone. Last year my goal was to lose a stone (14 pounds), currently I am down 18 pounds and for the first time in living memory I am in a healthy weight range.

    2. Sign up to a gym or sports club where I can exercise each week because I've only done a few hours of exercise this whole year. I'm so lazy.

    3. Go out more. I get told off by my parents for spending too much time indoors lol

    4. I would like to move out by the end of the year if I have enough saved up. This is a big ask, but it doesn't have to be completed in 2017, I can make progress towards it.

    5. Go on holiday in Europe.
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  6. JCC988

    JCC988 Well-Known Member

    Get the hell out of this house.
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  7. foreverforgotten

    foreverforgotten Well-Known Member

    Meal prep every week. And eat it.
    More music.

    Read the books.
    Take the classes.

    Stay around people.
    Calm Down.
    Stay connected to people.

    Don't take life too seriously.
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  8. Acanthi

    Acanthi Well-Known Member

    I try not to make new year resolutions since I tend to fail them all anyway... But here goes!

    1. Learn to truly love myself
    2. Rent a place or buy a place I can comfortably call home
    3. Get a dog
    4. Come to terms with my breakup
    5. Learn better coping mechanisms
    6. Open my heart to being loved and loving again

    Some of them sound romantic and trivial, but hey, loving yourself starts with being honest right? And I want to be loved.
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  9. Greying

    Greying Well-Known Member

    I have one plan for the New Year and that's to continue along the path of self help until I'm able to be a fully functioning member of society.
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  10. moxman

    moxman The "Perfect Life" YouTube channel is neat

    I am going to join Code Academy and learn a language to code in. I always liked coding, it was always like solving a puzzle to me.
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  11. cymbele

    cymbele SF Supporter

    I need to get back to exercising. I feel so good after exercise it's a wonder I don't do it. I love being fit and i don't know why I don't make the extra effort to continue.
    I also need to keep crafting and woodworking. Same thing I feel so good. And it shouldn't be a struggle but I don't.
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  12. SillyOldBear

    SillyOldBear Teddy Bear Fanatic Staff Alumni

    Mine is simply to use less of everything. Food, water, gas, gasoline, electricity, etc. When I think of all the resources I use in my life, and how little so many people have, I get rather disgusted with myself. So my consumption of limited resources will drop in 2017.
  13. bubblebear

    bubblebear Princess

    • continue jogging every now and then
    • fill in happiness journal as needed
    • continue reading self help how to cope with childhood trauma and ptsd book
    • continue my mini buke
    • try to attend as many classes as possible
    • try to pass the collidge year
    • build healthy self esteem
    • wear glasses more often because optician said so
    • try to be nicer to myself
    • perfect cinnamon roll recipe
    • learn how to french plait
    • continue ballet classes
    • continue yoga - whether its in classes or by myself
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  14. Eves

    Eves Well-Known Member

    • take a holiday. anywhere. just not here
    • clear out bedroom
    • work on / feel better about my appearance. buy new clothes
    • saying 'no' to things I don't want to do
    • eat proper meals
    • feel okay about buying things for myself
    • stop making so much effort with other people
    • be more 'closed'. be more careful about 'opening up'
  15. giggy

    giggy Member

    Great resolutions everyone!
    Mine will be low key as well:
    -calm down and accept
    -I really want to get my old self back, but since this will need quite some time, even getting on the right road will be a success
    -start dancing again, I miss it like crazy
    -get over him and move on
    -no dating next year, I need have to learn to love myself first
  16. pbobble

    pbobble Well-Known Member

    • Keep working to address my binge eating disorder
    • maintain regular exercise, especially weights
    • carry on improving my french
    • progress on the video projects I've been working on and finish them
    • read more especially in Spanish, want to finally get to that really advanced level
    • reflect and try to get a good life philosophy again
    • aggressively work on early signs depression to prevent any serious relapses
    • sort out the wood-shop and start making things again in summer
  17. nobodyknows71

    nobodyknows71 Forum Pro SF Supporter

    Hi giggy, what kind of dancing??
  18. Shannew

    Shannew Chat Pro

    1. Learn to accept change, failure, disappointment and hate and use it to evolve
    2. Focus on my studies and getting into med
    3. No boys :( - focus on improving myself
    4. Work towards getting abs
    5. Focus more on those who love me over those who have hurt me
    6. Less dwelling on the past, more experiencing the present and making exciting plans for the future
    7. Get out there, make more friends, experience new things
    8. Practice positivity and resilience

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  19. giggy

    giggy Member

    Hey again :) It is national dances, I started last year but stopped after some months. It was a great coping method for me, so I definely plan on starting again.
  20. Snake on the Moon

    Snake on the Moon Well-Known Member

    • Achieve the next rank that I need in martial arts
    • Finish a rough draft of my story that I've been thinking about for years now
    • Finish renovating the two upstairs bedrooms (Second coat of paint, trimming, baseboards) It's been over a year and it's still not done yet. ( =___= " )
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