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Okay i don't know if I should post this here(????) but i'm trying to break my habit of taking so many showers. I usually take at least 1 a day(most of the time it's 2) and even 3 (mostly after sports or exercise). And i know it's pretty bad, for my hair and skin especially, and i tried to cut it down but all i got so far is taking shorter times in the morning. But not taking one everyday feels really uncomfortable for me and i can't imagine taking one every couple days. I just want to break a habit but i really don't know how to and can't

again i'm sorry if this is not supposed to be here, let me know if it's not


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I don't know where you're supposed to put this, but if you want to cut down on your showering, you could try a nice, long hot bath. My landlord pays for my water so I let myself take baths. I think that's much better because I like the warmth of the water. That's the only thing I can suggest to you from my experience, or try to occupy your mind with other things like a hobby.


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Hey, so I'm just curious why you're trying not to shower every day lol I tend to think that's pretty ok for you. Three is pushing it. But even 2 if you've been getting sweaty and gross would be alright. Your complaint is about your hair and skin so perhaps you should A. make them quick and B. watch what products you're using like not using a drying soap or skipping washing your hair too often.

Just a thought.


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I have had the opposite problem recently. I've been so depressed that I haven't been able to get motivated to shower every day and sometimes have been 4 or 5 days without one.

Showing every day is pretty normal I think (I always used to) and twice a day is ok too if you've been exercising or it's very hot (again I used to do this) but 3 might be a bit excessive.

However, you're right, showering isn't great for your skin and hair as it strips all the natural oils. My hairdresser advised me to wash my hair no more than every other day. If reducing the number of showers is going to cause you anxiety then rather than do that like @walkerbait95 said maybe try to avoid washing your hair every time. Maybe also use a shower oil rather than gel as they're less harsh on your skin.


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Don't worry, your post is in the right area. I would suggest using baby shampoo and baby bath creams so it would be delicate on your skin and scalp. 3 is a bit too much but 2 is fine I think especially if you are sweaty from exercising. Take baths instead of showers, its more gentle on the skin I'd imagine.

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Nothing wrong with showers. So you take 2 or 3 showers a day, that's fine, there's no downside to that. Being clean is good, and there are few things as refreshing and as completely harmless as a good shower. I say, go for it.


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I think once a day is pretty normal, and sometimes more depending on what you've been doing (I always have one after work even if I had one earlier too). It sounds like you are concerned though, is it just about your skin and hair? Having cooler and shorter showers can help with this. I personally don't tend to take long showers or use too many products.

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