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Slang words you use?

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Well I was sitting here trying to think of a game to play, so I thought of this one.

Write one slang word you use, what it means and an example within a sentence.

One of mine is "corker".

Corker — Someone, something or a situation that is outstanding.

"That was a right corker that, when you got drunk and fell into that womens swimming pool, taking a short cut home from the pub"


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I think most people know what this means (?), but when I'm feeling extra Bay Area, I'll use the word "hella" (meaning really/very/a lot of). Like "This burrito is hella good" or "There are hella people here." Not many people use it out here, but it was definitely big in San Francisco.


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Not sure if slang, but I say weird things like this:

What in the cold/clear blue hell
Slower than molasses
Hotter than Hades
Not even
Yeah right (sounds more like yah but whatever :p)


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Bath, as in bubble bath:

"You're avin a bath (pronounced "barf") ain't ya?" or
"You avin a bubble?"

Roughly translated:
"Is one having a laugh at one's expense?"


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I don't know if it's just here (AUS) but over the last few years people answer questions with "Yeah, nah" as in "Yes, no".

"The conditions were rough but you seemed to handle the pressure. Was it as difficult as it looked?"

"Yeah, nah. It was tougher than usual but that's what we're trained for."

I'm watching the winter Olympics atm so that's why it sounded like a reporter speaking to an athlete. :p


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Oh everybody around here says "wicked" for "very"
Like, it's wicked cold & wicked snowy. I'm sure some of you are familiar with this. It's pretty stupid, but I do it too sometimes.
Yeah, like @crumbum said. New England is lame
Square - cigarette.
Sup yo, you got a square bro.

Dub - twenty
Let me get a dub on 7.
Twenty on pump 7 plz.

Faded - high
Damn yo we got faded and went to the lake.

Snaps - money

Who got snaps on the petrol? Or (who's got gas money?)

Finna - going to

I'm finna go to bed.

Bleeding - fucking

It's so bleeding cold out here.
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