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Starting again


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I haven't been in therapy for a little over a year but have decided to start again because of having frequest flashbacks and increasing anxiety. I found a place that I like (and used to go to) with little or low cost but I am now on a waiting list. I did an intake today and the woman was understanding and nice, so it is worth waiting for there to be an opening. It's the actual waiting while having flashbacks that's hard. Grr.


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Thanks, I really hope so too. There is another place but they are on a sliding scale that is more expensive than my actual insurance so this place is the best bet. There are support groups in the area but I really want to focus on these flashbacks and how to deal with them or make them stop. I've had a good experience with them in the past and the woman yesterday was understanding and kind, even during the intake so I trust them. Unfortunately I think there's a waiting list for most places, even with my insurance.

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