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I've tried many things to get me to eat and after docs investigation, safe to say its my fault for eating disorders because I'm malnutrient but.... This time, I swear I just feel like its Ritalin fault thats making it harder to stimulate appetite normally. My new probiotic has helped eased digestive issues in the interim and for the first time ever, I'm actually not nauseas around food but still..

Aside everything else, I feel so full easily with Ritalin meaning I have never finished any of my meals.... My Pdoc also uses Ritalin to control my binge eating as well. I just feel that suppressing appetite isn't good for long term.

I've tried adjusting dosage myself but nothings working. Can i stop Ritalin as an when I like to get me to eat? I feel no difference without it but if without it long time, won't be calm at all.

Is it actually safe to stop Ritalin as an when I like? My pdoc appointment is 4/1. I am not supposed to lose weight but, I have been unintentionally. Quite worried. Like I'd take any advice to get me to eat while waiting for my next appointment....
Sorry that this is happening @HappyKitty
Is it actually safe to stop Ritalin as an when I like?
It's generally a bad idea to make adjustments to your medication without medical supervision. Probably the first step is to contact your Pdoc. If you can't get a reply from your Pdoc, then maybe try contacting your general practitioner or pharmacist for advice.

If can't get a reply, we can try to think of what to do next.
My pdoc appointment is 4/1
Different countries use different date formats. Can you clarify if you mean January 4, or April 1?


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Idk but I have a hunch that eating disorders might be related to anxiety, so lowering stress levels might make it easier to eat. There have been a few times where I just could not eat enough and it's always due to being too exited or stressed. I've never had an ED, though, and I don't know anything about it. In other words, focusing on the eating might be counter-productive. If you compartmentalize it so that you spend as little time as possible thinking about food, that might help? Most people without EDs I assume are like me and only think about food for about 15min a day, I don't think about food or eating when I'm eating, either.

Oh well, guess it depends on the person too, maybe you're not anxious about the eating but have deeper psychological stuff related to eating or something.

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