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    Painless Suicide, or most certain suicide method, easiest ways to kill self – these are all the apparent holy grail of the deeply depressed and suicidal mind. After things get so bad that it seems every day is agony and contemplating an endless number of more day is impossible, it is common to become fixated on dying and ways to die as that is the only thing we are sure will make it all stop. Most of the members of this site found us by researching suicidal thoughts and suicide methods.

    Some members were a little surprised by what they found after registering here as answers to those type of searches, but the majority of people that read for a more than a few lines realized the truth. Some are looking for pain free suicide methods because they realize that all suicide causes unimaginable pain and is the result of unspeakable amounts of pain and the only thing that matters is a way to make the pain stop or at least become tolerable. So why does SF not allow any discussion of the various methods to commit suicide?

    Painless Suicide Methods

    The obsession and dedication a person in a truly suicidal mental state dedicates to that research of their fall back solution to stop all that pain would do an Ivy League scholar proud. It gets to the point that is sometimes all they can think about and these endless and constant thoughts about methods to die is simply another layer of misery on top of their other pain and torment.

    So what is wrong with that research and knowing that most suicidal people have spent a fair amount of time researching and planning, what is wrong with talking about it? It is because that so easily becomes a fixation that there are guidelines that prohibit it. Like any type of dependency or addiction, if faced with a constant battle already, putting the source of that obsession in front of them simply makes it worse and adds to that misery.

    It is already hard to stop the constant thoughts and visualizations for many, so every mention of specific methods makes them lose track of all else to enter that cycle of visualizing. They want the pain to end and the only way they can see to end it is by dying. Telling them about different methods to die is nothing more than a distraction from that other pain they feel and may help them feel like perhaps the pain will not be forever after all. What is wrong with this distraction?

    This type of distraction still allows for only one way for the pain to end. It is not a distraction from suicidal thoughts, it is distraction from all else but suicidal thoughts, and that distraction will allow other issues to simply fester in size and difficulty in resolving. If you have 7 days to find a place or face homelessness which will make you choose suicide then spending 3 days researching something as simple as dying is not a helpful distraction.

    When people are at the absolute lowest point, any visualization can be dangerous. While it may be possible to fight off the urge when thinking about it as “suicide”, the discussion of even common ordinary well known methods can easily lead somebody to visualize making it that last bit easier to follow through. It also distracts from the real problems. Describing what method one plans to end their life becomes the focus as opposed to the issue they are facing. If it distracts and triggers the readers from the real issues, then they are not in a good position to either offer or consider real answers.

    Painless suicide methods is impossible because suicide is the result of pain. There are methods to end the pain causing suicidal feelings; they are very real and used by thousands every day to make their lives better. These come in many forms from professional medical help, counseling, medication, self-awareness, or even peer support groups like this. All suicidal people want to die and what “method” used to accomplish that has no bearing whatsoever on what they are feeling.

    Discussing methods to make what they are feeling less painful can actually reduce the pain that leads to suicide and suicidal thoughts. Our efforts here concentrate on the methods to actually reduce the pain associated with lives and lifestyles of the suicidal, and their suicidal thoughts by making life less painful and worth living.