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Tea or coffee?

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So do you like tea, coffee or both? Herbal or caffeinated tea? Coffee, lattes or espressos?

I personally like herbal teas a lot, mainly peppermint and rooibos. I don't really like coffee, well only frappucino's and mochas.


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Coffee - though do not drink very much anymore used to drink by the quart.. still love the taste though and coffee icecream is favorite flavor icecream. Is no such thing as Tea flavored anything so therefore Tea is not a flavor.... just my thoughts ;)


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Coffee. Plain, unadulterated coffee. But lately I've been trying to cut back. Can't be good for the anxiety to be wired all the time. So usually a mint tea with milk and honey.


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I love tea and coffee from a Tassimo machine someone bought me. Theres a large selection to choose from so theres something for everyone. I tend to go for decaf when possible, but its not vital.
Tea, as in cafe's you get a pot of tea, whereas coffee usually just comes in cups/mugs; except when coffee comes in those jugs with a plunger
Additional to last post as I exceeded edit time out:

Then there are Transport Cafe's/Roadside Diners. Most places you buy one mug of tea/coffee with as many free refills as you can drink, in the two hours you can park for free. After two hours it is generally £10 overnight parking which includes a £5 breakfast voucher; so really it is only a fiver to park overnight

I know all this from travelling shot-gun years ago with my Dad in his truck :)
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