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Tell A lie..


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I'm feeling very happy about how things are in my life right now, I haven't been sick for the last 3 weeks and I can eat whatever I want without having to be constantly worried that it might result in physical pain. Oh also I have zero money worries, have lots of fun, exciting things planned and things in general to look forward to in my life, am very popular, have tons of friends and have no stress or worries at all.


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I don't have any arthritis in my lower back! I'm not my own worst enemy and I really like being around lots of people and crowds.


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Ummm, Crum... you're meant to tell a lie! All I heard was the truth! Please read the rules Mister! No false answers!! :)
You are definitely not THAT good at telling lies. You still have so much to learn.

Take this one:
I dont need a real human hug! I dont need friends in real life!

Do you get it? So...try another one....
Ummm.. ok.. I'm NOT in love with both miss Kira and Anne Charlotte.. :)

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