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The connection has timed out


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I was having this issue but it was my internet connection that was the cause. Are other websites loading for you like they normally would?

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No problems with other sites. I thought I was banned and was about to self-harm. I know that sounds stupid but that's how reactive i can be :-/


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No problems with other sites. I thought I was banned and was about to self-harm. I know that sounds stupid but that's how reactive i can be :-/
Hey Brett,
You're definitely not banned nor do you have any restrictions on your account so if you're having any issues staying logged in, there's nothing wrong on this end, ok?
We don't want you panicking bud. It's all good :)


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If you are banned from the site the message that you receive states that you are actually banned, it's not unclear, so no need to SH or go overboard on that ok?
That being said, nothing to add about the timeout issues. Perhaps @CodeX has input? Or maybe @Tim.


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You can cross check with @Freya though as I'm unsure about security software and hardware used for SF or its hosting provider. In certain cases if your connection request is perceived as malicious you maybe blocked for certain period by security software/hardware (not by a person) and you will see connection timeout on your side in that case as well.


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Happens often. I avoid SF sometimes because it is frustrating. i tried varios atforms, browsers and networks with the same results.

I know I have issues if I log on from 2 devices with the same IP. Switching one to another IP via VPN seems to resolve it. That is not always the issue however.

Please make sure you log out before closing the browser. Just to rule out multiple sessions from the same account causing an issue. Logging out prevents stale sessions from hanging around. It also frees up system resources.
Please delete any words or ideas I posted on this page. It was foolish, I see my mistakes now. Please close my profile and clear my footprints and smudges from the helpful and valuable Support. Calm deep breath. This is manageable.


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I have this as well pretty often. And it's certainly not on my end because it occurs on 3 devices with 2 completely different connections (fiber and mobile) and also over VPN while all the other sites work fine.

It was pretty bad over weekend when at one point I could not connect for hours. I also wanted to make a thread but forgot about it.

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