What are you currently listening to?

Thank you, @Huck Finn :) I don't usually listen to much classical, but I agree that it can be very relaxing. What are some of your favorite pieces? Here is one of mine:

The piece that got me into classical music, and still my number one was actually something really short, yet one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard and it was this one:

When it comes to classical music J.S.Bach always comes 1st in my chart followed by Handel > Mozart > Pergolesi > Schubert> Beethoven in exact that order (I can pretty much go on, but the list is really long)
Here's little something that's been in my mind for last 2-3 days:

P.S. My ear never got used to women alto and soprano voices :D And I much rather listen to boys and men choirs when it comes to vocals, as most of the music I like , was written for such formations.

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