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What are you watching?


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Currently the kids have Paw Patrol on *eyeroll
But they normally have the TV, maybe i spoil them too much with it.

I've been watching "The Vampire Diaries" which i absolutely loved at first, now its taken a turn and im really disappointed with hows its going, so i did a stupid thing and googled it, and now im even more disappointed with how it ends. It shouldn't be that ending!!! But i'll continue to watch even though im devastated.

Dan and I are watching a few different things right now on netflix and sky

  • 9-1-1
  • The Rookie (when its on)
  • 13 reasons why
  • Brooklyn 99
  • How to get away with murder (although post poned for now)
  • We watch Chicago fire (when its on)
  • The Flash (when its on)

And i think thats everything from the top of my head


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A one of the best (and most overrated/overlooked) coming of age movies ever made..And the movie that introduced me to Van Halen!
I do agree, Van Halen especially back in the earlier David Lee Roth times in those days when Eddie Van Halen had a gritier, edgier sound to his guitar playing. I thought they picked a perfect end song for the movie.


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