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what meds are you on?

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Just Xanax ER right now. 0.5 mg tablets. I'm allowed to take up to three a day but have only been taking one a day. I'm not on any anti-depressants currently but have used many in the past that didn't seem to work well. Hence, my therapist wants me to find a new psychiatrist and says being on just xanax for too long is bad. Been on it since July.
i was on zoloft at one stage and it really fucked me up i have bi polar disorder and made me get really bad mania for about a week of no sleep, i had not had a mania eposoide b4 i was put on this i was wondering if anyone else with bi polar disorder has tried this med and had a simlar reaction. i am sure i even have bi polar maybe it was just an adverse reaction of the drug. i wouldnt mind hearing from other bi polar sufferes and this drug
Hi, I am Bipolar. Not been on the drug you mention, but I am on quite a combination. 60mg of Citalopram for the lows and 800mg of the following three to stabilise the mood swings; Lithium, Quetiapine & Tegretol. I also have to take several other tablets to counter the side effects of the combination.

I do get manic periods, and when I was not taking meds last year, I managed to spend £16,000 on no idea what, just by taking out more credit cards.

I also get rapid cycling. In the space of conversation, I can be relatively normal, manic and crying, that is the worst part as mood spells can last 10 - 15 mins or less.

The worst medication I was put on was Depokote. I was watching spiders the size of dinner plates running around, along with headless cats. I knew they were not there, but I still had to avoid them and got freaked out.
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